80s Mania Wrestling Pack Now Ready to Order!

Our new totally radical 80′s themed game edition is based on the 80′s Mania Wrestling Mobile App by Checkmate Creative. You’ll receive 8 wrestler cards featuring a mix of popular 8MW characters! Each wrestler has its own Filsinger Games style move set as well as an additional 80s Mania Wrestling inspired MIC rating and POP rating!

Also included in the 8MW 8-pack are printable PDFs that will be e-mailed directly to you! They include:  Original Filsinger Game Charts, 8MW Game Charts for Managers, Commissioners, Skits and Mic Spots, 8MW Handbook including character bios, move descriptions and more!

All this cool stuff has started mailing so 80s Mania is ready to invade your home! Go here to order now!

To order the Online Version of the game go here!