Absolute Champion Rickey Shane Page Leads Upcoming AIW Roster

The newest wrestling promotion to partner with Filsinger Games is also our partner for Wrestling Geek Fest.  Its Cleveland-based Absolute Intense Wrestling!  The AIW game will be released on August 14th during Wrestling Geek Fest, when AIW puts on the Battle of the Sexes 2 show.

What  better way to start off the wrestler announcements for the set than with the new AIW champion Rickey Shane Page.  RSP has been a mainstay with AIW since its inception 10 years ago.  Despite being a part of AIW for so long, he never reached the top of the mountain until July 10th’s huge Absolution X Megashow, where he defeated former champion Josh Alexander.

RSP  is just one of 12 cards that are part of this fantastic set highlighting some of the best wrestling talent in the Midwest.  If you can’t join us for Wrestling Geek Fest, the AIW game will begin mailing in late August.




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