Ace Arcadium Promises to Set the High Score in Your 8MW Fed!

Here we go! The final name to be revealed in the 80s MANIA WRESTLING 8-pack PART II is…

This Lord of the Arcade acts as defender of the good, vowing to blast those who threaten to invade the federation! And one Bad Guy in particular has done just that!
That’s right, DARK INVADER will be targeted by the latest hero to join your 8MW fed and matches between these two are certain to Main Event

in arenas all over the world! It’s not too late to get your hands on this totally radical expansion edition!

Order 80s MANIA WRESTLING 8-PACK PART II right now to get your hands on 8 awesome new wrestler cards and an incredibly cool must-have PDF handbook!
You can order the game as part of the 2016 Spring Fever package deal with EVOLVE 3 and CAC Reunion 2016 HERE! Also you can order it on its own HERE, as well as the original 80′s Mania Wrestling 8-pack HERE. Games start shipping the week of April 17!

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