All-Time Legend Lord Nexus Gets His Manager Card!

LORD NEXUS made his triumphant return to the GWF in BLACK DEATH 2129 and now he’s getting his official manager card in our extra BLACK DEATH 2129 6-pack!

As you know, LORD NEXUS is a man of honor so he won’t indiscriminately interfere in matches or cause a ruckus. You’ll see the LORD NEXUS interference chart when you order the new 6-pack!

NEXUS will be managing the newly revitalized Titans team, in fact it gets even better with TAICHI joining the women’s ranks!

You can pre-order the BLACK DEATH 2129 6-pack on November 29 and the game starts mailing on December 16. It’s a first for Champions of the Galaxy—a mini-pack in mid-game-year! That’s because there’s SO MUCH going on in the BLACK DEATH era! Don’t wait—pre-order on November 29 along with our other great games!