Archibald Peck Uses Time Travel to Arrive in New Chikara Pack!

Everybody’s favorite time-traveling marching band leader is the latest wrestler announced for the Ashes of Chikara game edition. Since his debut in 2011, Archibald Peck has forgone his evil-doing ways to win the hearts of the Chikarmy.

Peck infamously lost a Loser Leaves Town match in 2012 and wandered off to the mysterious land of Parts Unknown. Searching for answers about who shut down Chikara, Team 3.0 of Scott Parker and Shane Matthews found Archie and his gathering of clues about the truth behind the shutdown of Chikara. The trio traveled together back in time in a DeLorean to help the Chikara roster defeat the Flood faction at National Pro Wrestling Day!

Now Archibald Peck is ready to stand up as one of Chikara’s biggest heroes as Chikara faces the largest army of invaders it has ever met. Will Marchie Archie prevail? Or will the leader of the band get drowned by The Flood? Find out when you get the new Ashes of Chikara pack, which along with Chikara Wrecking Crew pack is now available to preorder. The new Chikara packs will be available at Chikara’s return show in Easton on May 25th.