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Sumie Sakai Brings the Women of Honor Title to the ROH Game!

The history of women’s wrestling in Ring of Honor begins and ends with Sumie Sakai…literally!  Back in 2002 Sakai was victorious in the first-ever women’s match in ROH.  Now in 2018, she won the tournament to crown the first-ever Women of Honor champion.  “Women of Honor’s Ray of Sunshine” has built a solid reputation as one of the best women’s wrestlers in the world over her 20 year career.  It was based on that reputation that Ring of Honor made her a cornerstone of the Women of Honor division when it was relaunched in 2015.

Sumie Sakai will join Brian Milonas and six other wrestlers in the Death Before Dishonor 8-pack.  The Ring of Honor Death Before Dishonor game pack will be available this December along with the other Filsinger Games holiday releases from Legends of Wrestling and Champions of the Galaxy.  Preorder begins on Black Friday November 23rd.

Billy Red Lyons Completes the Flying Redheads Tag Team in Legends III

The second wrestler coming in Legends Expansion Pack III is Billy Red Lyons, so here come the Flying Redheads!

Lyons and Red Bastien formed a high flying tag team that competed in many territories. Lyons also teamed with his brother-in-law, the Destroyer. Lyons is also an accomplished singles wrestler, so he will add lots of dimensions to your promotion!

Legends Expansion Pack III will be released during the holiday season. Don’t you dare miss it!

Are You Ready for a Hot Winter?

This guy will warm up your winter quite a bit!

It’s time for the return of BISHOP HELL, one of the most infamous villains in Champions of the Galaxy history.

BISHOP HELL debuted in 1988 in INVASION 2088 and took his rightful spot in the pantheon of dark GWF villains, joining forces with none other than Thantos! They were a formidable team and gave Star Warrior and the hero side many nightmares.

Now you can relive the drama with the coming release of INVASION 2088 in full color in our new playing card style and featuring card art by Werner Mueck!

Do you remember the famous “Are You Ready for a Hot Summer?” full-page ad for Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine? Well, this time Bishop Hell is coming during the winter months and he’s going to heat up game action in your fed!

Pre-orders begin on Black Friday (appropriately) so get psyched!

Legends Expansion Pack III Starts Off With Red Bastien!

It’s that time! The first wrestler to be announced for Legends Expansion Pack III is none other than Red Bastien!

Red wrestled all over the United States and Canada and had success as a main event singles competitor, including a notable feud with Johnny Valentine. He might also be one of the greatest tag team wrestlers of all time, winning titles in multiple territories with a variety of partners.  Heels beware!

Red Bastien is part the latest expansion set that will feature new wrestlers as wells as some remakes of classic characters from the black and white Legends games.  Keep watching over the coming weeks as we announce the names in this anticipated game edition to be released this holiday season!

First Appearance of AniMen Team Featured in INVASION 2088!

Battering Ram. Incredible Badger. Reptillo.

They are legends all and they’ll get new game cards courtesy of Werner Mueck this December!

INVASION 2088 is the first expansion in the CHAMPIONS OF THE GALAXY game mythology and was originally released in 1988. Which makes this release a 30th anniversary spectacular! INVASION 2088 also marked the beginning of the classic AniMen vs Gladiators feud, which still rages on in KINGDOM COME 2134.

Finally, after 30 years, INVASION 2088 gets the full-color game treatment it deserves! This will be a big part of your CHAMPIONS OF THE GALAXY collection. Watch for more card art coming soon!


The Kingpin Joins the Ring of Honor Game Roster!

The first man to be announced for the Ring of Honor Death Before Dishonor game pack is perhaps the biggest man to be part of the Ring of Honor roster, “The Kingpin” Brian Milonas.  Standing 6′ 4″ and weighing in close to 400 lbs. Milonas is an intimidating sight, but what may be more impressive is the unexpected agility and explosiveness he demonstrates in the ring.

Milonas is an over 15 year veteran of the New England independent scene.  He got his big opportunity to enter Ring of Honor as part of the 2017 Top Prospect tournament, where he made it to the semifinals.  Later in the year he had a match with the Beer City Bruiser and impressed him enough to form a tag team partnership.  Any tag team set to go up against these two are certainly in for a rough night!

The Ring of Honor Death Before Dishonor game pack will be available this December along with the other Filsinger Games holiday releases from Legends of Wrestling and Champions of the Galaxy.  Preorder begins on Black Friday November 23rd.

Halloween Wouldn’t be the Same Without the Return of Splatter!

Yes, you heard that right!

The GWF’s original wild man is stalking back into action in INVASION 2088 and with new card art by Werner Mueck.

And yes, ARSENAL is along too!

The amazing re-release of INVASION 2088 is coming this holiday season so get psyched! Or get psycho—you know, like Splatter!

Watch for more sneak previews for INVASION 2088 in the weeks ahead. Watch carefully…or Splatter may come fo you!


Norse Gods Lead the Charge in Invasion 2088!

The holiday season is going to be a smash this year with our amazing game releases!

It all starts with the sensational full color re-release of the classic first expansion in Champions of the Galaxy history—INVASION 2088! There’s playing cards for legends BISHOP HELL, SPIKE, MESMER, and many more who have gone on to be hallowed names in GWF lore.

Our first sneak peak of game art (courtesy of Werner Mueck) is the NORSE GODS, Man-Mountain and Lightning! More sneak previews in the weeks ahead so keep watching!

Also coming this December:

LEGENDS EXPANSION PACK 3 – Featuring more classic wrestling cards for your LEGENDS game promotion! Watch for previews in the days and weeks ahead.

RING OF HONOR: DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR – This game pack will add awesome new cards to your RING OF HONOR game promotion!

KINGDOM COME 2134: UPRISING – A new 4-pack from Tom that continues the epic Kingdom Come story arc!

PLUS another release that will be a surprise for now (but hint: you’ll love it!).

We’re so busy with so many projects that we need to delay the release of the Legends Ladies game pack until early next year. Sorry and thanks for your patience. That’s the price we pay for loving to stay busy!


Watch for sneak previews and get psyched!

Q3 Promoter Prime Legends Cards…The British Are Coming!


Legends of Wrestling fans, get ready because the British are Coming!  That’s right, on the heels the Best of the UK set bringing some of the current day British stars to our Indie line, now Promoter Prime is bringing in 3 of the top British wrestlers from the past to the color Legends game.

First off is the man synonymous with the term Legend of British wrestling, Johnny Saint.  Saint debuted in the 1950’s and had a unique fighting style of scientific holds and defensive maneuvers that made him a perfect fit for the World of Sport television show that he was a huge star on.

Next up is a man that has more world wide TV recognition, Dave Taylor.  Taylor possessed a repertoire of both power moves and technical wrestling holds that made him a formidable opponent during his heyday of the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Finally, the third man in this quarter’s release is one of the most requested color Legends cards, and for good reason as he is one of the most colorful men in the history of wrestling…”Exotic” Adrian Street!  The flamboyant Street was one of the most nefarious villains in both England and the southern United States.

Promoter Prime cards for Q3 will begin mailing shortly to all subscribers.  To begin your subscription and and get all the cards we have released this year check out the Promoter Prime page in the Filsinger Games Store.

Q3 Promoter Prime Indie Cards Announced

Get ready indie wrestling fans, the newest batch of Promoter Prime cards is coming your way soon!

First up is the exciting luchadora Thunder Rosa, who has been exciting fans in Mexico and the southern US in both singles and tag action. She is a great addition to any women’s promotion.

Next up is the annual card from Olde Wrestling, this time for the infamous gangster “Babyface” Bruno Moretti.  Bruno is out to take on the moonshiners and anyone else that causes trouble for his boss.  Hey fuggettaboutit!

Hailing from Japan is the Tokyo Monster Kahagas.  A veteran of over 15 years in the ring, Kahagas has terrorized the US independent scene and has won numerous NWA titles, including the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Stay tuned next week as we reveal the 3 Legends of Wrestling cards debuting in Q3.  Promoter Prime cards will begin mailing in September to all subscribers.