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Q3 Promoter Prime Indie Cards Announced

Get ready indie wrestling fans, the newest batch of Promoter Prime cards is coming your way soon!

First up is the exciting luchadora Thunder Rosa, who has been exciting fans in Mexico and the southern US in both singles and tag action. She is a great addition to any women’s promotion.

Next up is the annual card from Olde Wrestling, this time for the infamous gangster “Babyface” Bruno Moretti.  Bruno is out to take on the moonshiners and anyone else that causes trouble for his boss.  Hey fuggettaboutit!

Hailing from Japan is the Tokyo Monster Kahagas.  A veteran of over 15 years in the ring, Kahagas has terrorized the US independent scene and has won numerous NWA titles, including the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Stay tuned next week as we reveal the 3 Legends of Wrestling cards debuting in Q3.  Promoter Prime cards will begin mailing in September to all subscribers.

Success at Game On Expo Caps Off a Great Summer!


We’re taking over!

Filsinger Games stormed into downtown Phoenix for the annual Game On Expo, which is expanding more and more into tabletop gaming. And what better way than with Filsinger Games along for the ride?

We featured two major tournaments on Friday and Saturday. April won a tough tournament on Friday by having Jim Duggan beat Nikolai Volkoff. The action was particularly wild on Saturday with a long finals bout between Randy Savage and Curt Hennig. Savage finally pulled it out for new game fan, Eric!

Tom made some potentially fruitful contacts in Phoenix and there may be some surprises in store in the coming months!

Go to our twitter page for more photos from Game On Expo.

We had a great summer, starting with promotions in Pittsburgh, then Detroit, and now Phoenix. The madness is spreading, there’s no stopping it. In our fourth decade we’re hotter than ever!


Filsinger Games Will be at Phoenix Game On Expo August 10-12

Here comes a big convention so mark your calendar if you are in the southwest!

Arizona’s largest gaming convention is coming on August 10-12 at the Phoenix Convention Center and Filsinger Games will be there!

Tom will headline a panel about making it in the indie tabletop game market, should be fun!

Our Southwest Warriors will be out in full force (loyal game fans) helping at the Filsinger Games table. Come visit us!

We’re taking over Arizona! It was only a matter of time.

Watch for photos and highlights in the weeks ahead!

Filsinger Games Madness Still Spreading Throughout the Land!

You can’t keep good games down!

Not that we were ever down, but Filsinger Games madness is still as strong as ever—even stronger!

I’ve just returned from great times on the East Coast with the highlight being our annual GalactiCon event, which took place in Pittsburgh on July 13-15. What a stellar event! It’s always a pleasure to see our long-time, loyal promoters, but also new fans that have joined the madness.

The annual Trivia Challenge was as entertaining with game fans showing off their expertise. The event was won by Mike Melesky in a tough battle with Troy Xavier. In addition, the Auction was as entertaining a “show” as always with game fans sneaking in their bids at the last second, like a run-in during a wrestling show! The crowd was riled.

Several fans had some interesting ideas for next year’s GalactiCon and I would share their stories, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy. They need time to develop their ideas and will be proposing them in the days and weeks ahead. One fan had a very creative idea that (if it comes through) will be a big highlight next year!

I also loved the exclusive “first” release of KINGDOM COME 2134. So much work goes in to each game edition that it’s finally all worth it when fans see the game and PLAY!

I also met with game fans during a game store appearance in Garden City, Michigan at Pandemonium Games and Hobbies. A blast from the past was meeting a game fan, Frank, who colored his original black and white CotG cards. Remember when our fans used to do that? It’s always interesting to see the creative interpretations game fans have for the colors of the original, classic characters.

Meeting game fans on the road is always a treat for me because these are fans that aren’t necessarily active on the boards or our fan community, but still are loyal promoters all the way.

I hope to have some of these rewarding experiences in August when Filsinger Games will be at the largest game convention in Phoenix, Game On Expo, on August 10-12. I’ll be headlining a panel about making it in the independent tabletop market and hopefully meeting many new game fans. Several long-time promoters have offered to help at the Filsinger Games booth and we’re going to blitz Phoenix with Filsinger Games madness!

There’s no stopping this light-speed interstellar space ship. We’ve been producing fun action games for over 30 years, there’s no reason to ever stop. Our fan base is as big and strong as ever and we keep adding new blood to the mix in the form of new players. This is a company built on the foundations of fun, loyalty, and creativity. Our motto is people first, fun first, the rest will take care of itself.

And just a reminder for history buffs—my blog INSIDE TOM’S BRAIN has been around (off and on) since the 1990s, making it one of the longest continuing blogs in the history of cyberspace! Were you with us when it started?


Enjoy the games and when we’re in your area, be sure to stop by and visit. And start making plans for GALACTICON for next year! Not just plans, a COMMITMENT. It’s usually the second weekend in July and the only way to make sure you’ll be there is to CLEAR OUT TIME NOW. This is a matter of priorities and your loyal game-playing friends are counting on you!

Until Godsend has a bad hair day…


In 2134 the GWF is a Helpless Captive of Godsend!

The Godsend Era is upon us!

A collective shudder is felt across the galaxies.

He who caused Black Death, the chaos of Future Shock, and the dramatic appearance of Castilex, has arrived in 2134.

GODSEND, the god of chaos and anarchy, is now ruling the GWF. How can he be stopped?

The latest Champions of the Galaxy blockbuster, KINGDOM COME 2134, has just been released. Be sure to get caught up as this epic GWF story continues!

You’ll receive playing cards for the mysterious Dominion: Godsend, Lady Godsend, and Demon Godsend.

There’s also the return of The Three, but in new forms!

The FDF have added two rookies. How far will they go in 2134?

It all unfolds in KINGDOM COME 2134. Order now and experience the drama of a universe gone wild at the whims of a mad god!


The Bruiserweight Completes the Best of the UK Set!

Completing the incredible Best of the UK set is perhaps the biggest name on the United Kingdom wrestling scene today, “The Bruiserweight” Pete Dunne.  Dunne is known for his brutal wrestling style and sour attitude that earned him the Bruiserweight nickname. An extremely accomplished wrestler, he has won titles throughout the UK as both a singles and tag team wrestler.  But in the past year he has finally achieved world-wide acclaim under the banner of the largest wrestling promotion in the world, and now everyone can appreciate the talent that Pete Dunne possesses.  Game fans will be eager to match up Dunne with Trent Seven and Tyler Bate both as partners and opponents and recreate some of the epic encounters they have had in recent times.

Pete Dunne joins Zack Sabre Jr., Mark Andrews, Tyler Bate, Trent Seven, Travis Banks, Mark Haskins, and Flash Morgan Webster as part of the 8-card Best of UK Wrestling game pack.  The set will debut on July 14th at GalactiCon in Pittsburgh, and begin mailing worldwide July 20th. Get ready to add the best of the UK scene in your indie promotion!  Order this set and our other summer releases HERE.

Questions Will be Answered in Kingdom Come 2134!

The moment is here. The hour has arrived.

Or very nearly. The latest game expansion in the Champions of the Galaxy pantheon, KINGDOM COME 2134, will arrive this weekend at GalactiCon in Pittsburgh and shortly thereafter for everyone else!

Here are some questions to ponder as the big day approaches…

The Gladiators are fighting mad! What’s the reason? Who is their “new” team member?

Who is the mysterious new woman wrestler that’s coming to the GWF and why is she so controversial?

A wild and dramatic new match will be introduced in 2134 with action never  before seen. What will it be?

Eydilon has disappeared as the leader of the Doom team. Where is he and how will Tharkas respond?

In fact, six people are leaving the GWF in 2134. Who are they and why?

There are some questions to tantalize you until Kingdom Come 2134 is released! Get psyched because everything comes to a head very soon!




Climber Will Risk All to Reach the Top in Kingdom Come 2134!

He’s here—one of the most fearless men in GWF history!

CLIMBER is joining the Federation Defense Fighters in 2134. His finishers, DEADMAN ANCHOR and TWO-MAN STAND (tag) reflect the high-risk moves that he brings from his mountain-climbing background. Easy-going but confident, Climber is set to defy the odds and be a sensation in 2134!

But here are the big questions:

Which GWF legend trained Climber and is bringing him to the GWF? And does that mean the legend will return in 2134?

Climber is part of a new GWF tag team. Who is his partner and how far can they go in their rookie years?

Answers coming soon in KINGDOM COME 2134!

Mark Haskins is Hellbent on Dominating the UK Scene

The 7th name in the UK set is another man who has won multiple championships, not only in his native UK but on other continents as well!  Mark Haskins is a talented wrestler, with a combination of agility, striking and submissions that makes him a formidable foe for any challenger.  The other thing that sets “The Star Attraction” apart is his vicious mean streak towards his opponents that demonstrates his desire to win and show his superiority.  It’s this attitude that has gotten him to the top and most certainly keep him there.

Mark Haskins joins Zack Sabre Jr., Mark Andrews, Tyler bate, Trent Seven, Travis Banks and Flash Morgan Webster as part of the 8-card Best of UK Wrestling game pack.  The set will debut on July 14 at GalactiCon in Pittsburgh, and begin mailing worldwide soon soon thereafter. Get ready to add the best of the UK scene in your indie promotion!  Order this set and our other summer releases HERE.