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Vanity Shows off a Pretty Sweet Thing!

Vanity introduced a beast in 2088 when he brought the Creeper to the GWF, and now he’s brought a beauty to join him – SWEET THING!

Vanity claims Sweet Thing is one of the many women who chase after him. She accompanies him to ringside proving a very powerful distraction to his opponents! But how does she think about the Creeper? And how does Vanity’s rival Renegade feel about her? Find out when you relive the sweet glory days of the GWF with Invasion 2089 in full color!

Preorders for Invasion 2089 and Legends Expansion Pack 5 begin Black Friday November 29th!

Helloooooooooo Promoters!

Val Venis was a fixture during the height of wrestling’s popularity during the late 90s and early 2000s.  When he wasn’t winning secondary titles in the big leagues of wrestling, he was trying to steal the hearts of women wherever he went, often leading to intense rivalries with the men in their lives.

Val Venis is looking to spice up your Legends of Wresting fed this December as part of Legends Expansion Pack V!  Keep watching for more names in this exciting set as we lead up to preorders on November 29th!

Tauran Lives!

The fate of Tauran unfolds on Kronos.

Tauran was last seen in 2132 reverse aging at a rapid pace and approaching his age 20. Driven by the will to live while dying in his youthful decline, the reverse ager from Equuleus begrudgingly approaches the vampires on Draco and submits himself to them in exchange for eternal life. He is bitten and transformed into a vampire in exchange for his eternal loyalty and services during a mysterious Draco ritual.

Tauran lives! But with eternal life comes new problems for Tauran. A hero his entire career, he fights new urges to shred and maim opponents as warm vampire blood flows through his veins. Can Tauran control his new found rage or will it consume him?

Struggling with intense emotions about his decision Tauran quietly leaves Draco and heads to Kronos where he banishes himself as he battles feelings of guilt. Will Tauran live with eternal shame and doubt or grow to fully accept his new vampire self?

Tauran joins Infinity and Infinity-Plex as COTG Prime releases in December to close out the 2019 subscription.

The FDF Gets a Powerhouse!

What’s big like Massif, strong like Massif and from Ceres like Massif? Meet EARTHQUAKE! Together he and Massif form the new hero tag team Powerhouse, the strongest tag team in the GWF!

Find out soon even more 2089 teasers continue each Wednesday for the next several weeks!  Preorders begin Black Friday November 29th!

Bodyguard Mr. Hughes is Here to Protect the Legends!

When it comes to intimidating bodyguards, there are few that compare to Mr. Hughes.  Hughes has wrestled in all the major US promotions in the 90’s and was the protector for many Legends including Harley race and Shane Douglas.    Later in his career he moved on to train many top independent wrestling stars, including AR Fox.  Who will enlist the services of Mr. Hughes in your fed?  Or will you have him recruit some of his trainees and start his own group?

Mr. Hughes joins The James Gang and Disco Inferno in Legends Expansion Pack V! Keep watching for more names in this exciting set as we lead up to preorders on November 29th!

The Biggest Superstar in the Year 3000 is Infinity!

And now Infinity is the biggest superstar on Kronos!

Infinity has ruled over the star of Regulus for 150 years and during that time the planet has thrived under his leadership. He is an awesome warrior, leader and hero. Infinity is the total package!

Infinity vs Infinity-Plex immediately becomes the biggest feud on Kronos!

“The war vs Infinity-Plex and his army of monsters has not gone on for over 75 years because it’s an even battle – because it is not. I will win on Kronos just like I win in the year 3000. Our war can rage on for another 75 years and nothing will change. I am Infinity. Infinity-Plex loses because he is a loser, never forget it.”

Infinity and Infinity-Plex are part of 2019 COTG Prime, which will be sent to subscribers in December along with a 3rd card announced next week.

Darkos Appears on the GWF Scene with Lots of Money!

A mysterious masked manager has entered the GWF with lots of money and uses it to assemble a deadly new super villain team! What’s the common theme between its members and how are Splatter, Executioner and Death Knight and Pit Viper all involved?
The entire hero team in the GWF is officially on notice! DARKOS, THE HEAD ASSASSIN has arrived!
INVASION 2089 introduces managers and valets to the GWF for the first time! You’ve met Reynard B. Guile and now Darkos! How will the hero team counter these two incredible villain masterminds? Find out soon even more 2089 teasers drop in the weeks ahead!  Preorders begin Black Friday November 29th!

Oh You Didn’t Know?


B.G. James and Kip James dominated the tag team scene in the late 90s, climbing their way to the top by whatever means necessary. While each had career success before they teamed up with one another, it was together as part of one of the most notorious factions in wrestling history that they achieved their greatest success.

The James Gang looks to “steal” the show (along with the tag team belts) in your Legends of Wresting fed this December as part of Legends Expansion Pack V! Keep watching for more names in this exciting set as we lead up to preorders on November 29th!

Infinity-Plex vs. Infinity Erupts on Kronos!

The long awaited war from the year 3000 in the GWF finally has arrived at the Crossroads of the Galaxy!

Infinity-Plex is Infinity from an alternate universe!  He is the “anti” Infinity. He hails from Regulus in a mirror dimension, an antimatter universe. And he has been carrying on a war with Infinity for nearly 80 years.  Infinity-Plex has ruled over Regulus in an alternate dimension for 150 years, and in that 150 years the planet has suffered tremendously under his heel. Now Infinity fights to keep his home planet from suffering the same fate!  Infinity-Plex has a master plan to destroy Infinity, take his place on Regulus in Infinity’s universe and start the destruction all over again. It’s Infinity vs Infinity-Plex on Kronos and the fate of Regulus hangs in the balance!

Infinity-Plex is the most powerful new villain on Kronos, and one of the toughest wrestlers in any universe! Infinity better be ready!

INFINITY-PLEX joins previously released recolored Classics 3000 playing cards on Kronos for Sixth Law, Rhea and Milky Way Galaxy. His card is part of the 4th quarter of COTG Prime.  Coming next week is the biggest one of them all – INFINITY!

Intergalactic Big Game Hunters Enter the GWF!

The Animen of Andromeda are in big trouble! Intergalactic big game trophy collector REYNARD B. GUILE and his BOUNTY HUNTER are here! Will the Bounty Hunter add Wolf’s head to Guile’s creepy trophy room? Find out when you play INVASION 2089 in full color! Keep watching for art reveals for INVASION 2089 as we lead up to preorders on November 29th!