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Fans asked for new FTR fighters, and Filsinger Games delivers them to you via Promoter Prime!
Chameleon is an opportunistic Aniwoman who prides herself on blending in easily with any partner and team.
Will she join Mayham and King Tux or go her own way? It’s up to you, promoter!
Chameleon is not big, strong or fast. But she uses her natural chameleon abilities to easily blend into the ring and its surroundings. This gives her great advantages when she is thrown into the ropes, turnbuckle, out of the ring, or when an opponent attempts a deathjump, where she can quickly disappear into the landscape.
Wait until you hear about her tag finisher – BLENDING IN. It works with ANY tag team partner!
FTR is back! Look for a big update to an existing FTR hopeful next week!

GalactiCon Returns to Eastern Pennsylvania!

Get ready Filsinger Games fans, our annual summer game convention is coming up in 4 short months and we have all the details!  GalactiCon 2019 will be coming to Malven, PA on July 13-14 at P.J. Whelihan’s Pub & Restaurant.  We have a whole weekend of fun planned you won’t want to miss out on!

It all kicks off Friday night July 12 at First Energy Stadium in Reading, PA.  Not only will fans be in for a great night of baseball and fireworks, but after the game Chikara will be running a show right in the stadium!  We have a section reserved for the game, so make sure to join us for an awesome kickoff to the weekend.  Check out the convention page for details on getting tickets for our section.

That Friday night at Midnight at the GCon hotel its the release of GWF Sudden Death 2135!  Join Tom and be the first to pick up the new game edition and see what Godsend has in store for your favorite GWF wrestlers.

The convention itself will take place at P.J. Whelihan’s in their private party room on both Saturday July 13 11-5 and Sunday July 14 11-2.  We will have a buffet lunch set up on Saturday, which is included in the price of the convention. All your favorite GalactiCon activities will take place including the Q&A with Tom, the trivia contest, auction and of course tons of tournaments.  The best part is that the convention site is right next door to the hotel.

For more details on the convention, including how to get a special room rate and reserving tickets for the baseball game and wrestling show, go to the official GalactiCon home page.

The king has spoken!

Godsend has declared SUDDEN DEATH is coming  back to the GWF in 2135! But what will be the “rules according to Godsend?”

Meanwhile Nightmare and Maramus are leading a revolution against the Kingdom of Castilex. Who will they add to their team of insurgents in 2135? Can they be successful against not just Godsend, but GODSEND?

You’ll get all the answers in July when SUDDEN DEATH 2135 is released exclusively at GalactiCon (watch for info on that too!) and then mails to loyal game fans throughout the galaxy.

Get psyched! Your favorite team of Tom, Darryl, and Werner will be working overtime to bring YOU another amazing chapter in GWF history. Then there’s NEXT YEAR – the 50th anniversary game edition for CotG!

It’ll be a cosmic spectacle beyond words and it starts this summer with SUDDEN DEATH 2135. Can Godsend survive?





Oh Canada! The Newest Best of the Indies Set is Coming Soon!

Last summer Filsinger Games started its Best of the Indies series with the Best of the UK set.  After the success of that game we are following up with another highly requested Indie Wrestling destination….Canada!

What better way to kick off the Best of Canada set, than with a member of the most famous wrestling family, the Harts!  Teddy Hart was born into wrestling and has always had tons of talent and charisma.  Although he has never performed consistently in the major leagues, in recent years he has made a major splash on the indie scene popping up in a number of promotions.  His unique offensive maneuvers and high flying moves make his matches a spectacle to witness.

The Best of Canada 8-card expansion will be released in late March.  Stay tuned for more names over the coming weeks!

Rockin’ Robin Rocks New Legendary Ladies Expansion!

This Legendary Ladies expansion set rocks and it’s nearly here!

Rockin’ Robin will bring her thrilling style to the new Legends expansion pack and it’ll liven up your fed! Robin is a multiple times ladies champion in several real-life promotions as well having a popular stint wrestling in Japan. She has feuded with other female wrestlers in this expansion pack such as Sherri Martel and Judy Martin. Who will be the ladies champion in YOUR fed?

Hey, as a special touch you can also take out her card, play America the Beautiful in the background, and pretend she’s singing because she opened a wrestling show by singing this song!

As if our sneak previews aren’t enough to convince you that you need this game pack the full roster is: Rockin’ Robin, Princess Victoria, Sherri Martel, Judy Martin, Leilani Kai, Tina Moretti, Jazz, and Nora Greenwald.

Legends: Ladies Expansion is now available for preorder HERE.  Also available now is a Limited Edition card for Texas Legend Johnny Mantel HERE. These items will begin shipping by the end of February so ORDER NOW!

Judy Martin Enters the Fray as Legendary Ladies Game Pack is Near!

Many times a tag team champion, Judy Martin is set to enter YOUR Legends promotion!

The new Legendary Ladies of Wrestling pack will begin mailing in two weeks and it’ll add a whole new dimension to your game fed. Judy Martin formed a successful team winning tag gold with Leilani Kai. Will Martin have success in your promotion?

Legends: Ladies Expansion is now available for preorder HERE.  Also available now is a Limited Edition card for Texas Legend Johnny Mantel HERE.


Nora Greenwald Will Bring Drama to Your Legends Fed!

There’s more drama coming your way in the amazing Legendary Ladies of Wrestling pack that’s coming at you this month!

Nora Greenwald began her career as a valet for Randy “Macho Man” Savage. That’ll create some excitement with Sherri Martel also getting a card in this pack! Add to that the fact that Nora won several Women’s Titles for several wrestling promotions and she’ll be causing all kinds of trouble in your game fed!

Watch for news about pre-ordering the Legendary Ladies of Wrestling pack, it’s coming soon! We’re going to make sure your Legends game promotion is never dull and Nora Greenwald will spice it up!

It’s Official! The Fabulous Team of Tom and Darryl Will Bring 2135 This Summer!

You’ve been warned!

Your favorite creative team (at least we HOPE it’s your favorite creative team) will be back in action to bring you KINGDOM COME 2135 in July! We’re not positive it’ll be called KINGDOM COME, but you get the idea.

Tom and Darryl have worked together for so long now on CHAMPIONS OF THE GALAXY it’s hard to count the years, but Darryl has certainly surpassed past artists like Brian Michael Bendis and Chuck Carter in terms of longevity.

It’s only going to get better! What happens next with GODSEND? Are MARAMUS and NIGHTMARE set to take over? If you’re not sure about the last reference, get with it! Get your copy of the KINGDOM COME: UPRISING expansion pack that was released in December.

The names of Tom and Darryl are writ large alongside other legendary duos in history from Lennon and McCartney to Holmes and Watson, hey even Batman and Robin or peanut butter and jelly!

Get psyched for the summer because Tom is busy plotting the next great expansion and Darryl will provide new amazing card drawings! When you add in coloring by Werner Mueck, presto—instant classic!

Sherri Martel Another Legend Added to Ladies Roster!

Sherri Martel, one of the best known female stars of all time, is coming to the Legendary Ladies of Wrestling pack which is due for release at the end of February!

Sherri is well known for several successful stints in major promotions, as well as close associations with Ted DiBiase and Randy Savage. Sherri is very versatile. She can be used as a singles star and tag team star as well as a manager or valet. Imagine the mayhem when you unite Sherri Martel with DiBiase or Savage in your game promotion!

Martel was a Women’s Champion several times in her career as well as winning gold as a tag wrestler. She’ll add plenty of drama to your promotion, so get psyched for the Legendary Ladies release!


Princess Victoria Kicks Off Legendary Ladies Card Pack!

Filsinger Games is starting the new year with royalty as Princess Victoria becomes the first woman announced in the upcoming Legendary Ladies of Wrestling card pack!

Princess Victoria won tag gold in two major promotions, including her first in 1984 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She was honored by the Cauliflower Alley Club in 2018 with a Women’s Wrestling Award.

Your Legends fed is about to get a lot better and adding more variety with the Legendary Ladies of Wrestling! Get psyched. The new pack is set to start mailing on February 20. Keep watching for more announcements!