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Kingdom Come 2134 Unused Art – Who is This Guy?!?

Who is this guy and what’s going on? For you sleuths trying to figure out what’s coming in the epic game expansion, KINGDOM COME 2134, it’s a very challenging clue!

This is an unused first draft for a 2134 game card. We’ll say nothing more about it and leave it to you to lose sleep at night trying to figure it out!

Watch for the first OFFICIAL 2134 sneak preview card NEXT WEEK!

Get psyched, promoters! Epic cosmic drama will soon unfold in KINGDOM COME 2134, which will be released at GalactiCon 2018 in Pittsburgh and then the rest of the game galaxy soon thereafter!



Mark Andrews Flies into Best of U.K. Wrestling Set!

When it comes to high-flying wrestling in the United Kingdom, no one has done it better for as long as Mark Andrews!  The Welshman has been wrestling for over a decade and has made a major name for himself the past few years in both the US and the UK.

Andrews has won both singles and tag team gold in multiple major British promotions and continues to perform regularly.  He first appeared on the US scene in Chikara, as part of the Young Lions Cup tournament, multiple King of Trios tournaments, and winning the Rey de Voladores tournament.  He received even more global notoriety competing for multiple major US promotions, where he can be seen showing off his high-flying abilities.  Who knows what heights Mark will reach in more ways than one!

Mark Andrews joins Zack Sabre Jr. and Flash Morgan Webster as part of the 8-card Best of UK Wrestling game pack.  The set will debut on July 14 at GalactiCon in Pittsburgh, and begin mailing worldwide soon soon thereafter. Get ready to add some awesome new global talent to your game collection!

Come See Us on Our Summer Game Tour in 3 U.S. Cities!

Filsinger Games is hitting the road this summer on both coasts! No excuses…come see Tom and the gang in person to celebrate Filsinger Games madness! And to celebrate the coming release of the latest Champions of the Galaxy epic expansion, KINGDOM COME 2134, we’re calling it the “Kingdom Comes to You Tour!”



Our amazing annual GALACTICON convention takes place in Pittsburgh on July 13-15. We’re posted about this already but it’ll be a wild weekend of new game releases, tournament action, and a live wrestling show on Saturday evening. The latest and greatest Champions of the Galaxy expansion: KINGDOM COME 2134, will be released on Friday at midnight. That’s to say nothing of the rest of our incredible new releases. See you there! For more info go here.



Tom will be at Pandemonium Games and Hobbies in Garden  City, Michigan (near Detroit) on Thursday, July 19 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm for game demos and other wild and crazy happenings! Stop by to chat with Tom and play some matches along with new game fans. Tom will have KINGDOM COME 2134 on hand as well as Legends of Wrestling and our great Indie releases! For more info go here.



We’re taking over the southwest and it continues with the popular Game On Expo on August 10-12 at the Phoenix Convention Center. Tom will be there as a special guest and he’ll be involved in a game panel sharing humorous quips and wonderful words of gaming wisdom. That’s to say nothing of game demos, tournaments, and prizes at the Filsinger Games booth. If you live in Arizona or any neighboring state, don’t miss it! For more info go here.



The MODfather of Professional Wrestling Debuts for Filsinger Games

Hailing from a town called Malice is one of the most unique wrestlers in the UK, who is taking the British scene and perhaps soon the worldwide scene by storm. He is Flash Morgan Webster.  Webster is truly a man from another time and place in his look and demeanor.  Don’t let the sharp dressing fool you, he is a man who can fight with the best of them.  However given the choice he would rather wow crowds with Flashy moves.  When it comes to putting on an incredible show, In Mod We Trust.

Flash Morgan Webster joins Zack Sabre Jr. as part of the 8-card Best of the Indies: United Kingdom game pack.  The set will debut on July 14 at GalactiCon in Pittsburgh, and begin mailing worldwide soon soon thereafter. Be ready for the British Invasion and the MODfather!

New Election Daze Book Offer Celebrates 10 Years of Tom’s Team-up with Stan Lee!

Here comes the 10th Anniversary of Election Daze!

We take a break from regular game programming to celebrate one of the coolest projects Tom ever undertook and that was partnering with his childhood hero and worldwide icon Stan Lee!

Be sure to add this Stan Lee collectible to your collection! This special offer also includes the promotional pin which you can proudly wear to show off your social standing at Washington dinner parties! The book and free Election Daze pin all for a measly $10, so don’t hesitate!

For those who don’t know, Stan and Tom published Election Daze in 2008 as well as touring to promote the book in New York and California. The book was ranked as #2 “Hot New Release” at Amazon and went on to sell over 15,000 copies.

Dennis Miller called Election Daze, “Absolutely hysterical!”

Each page features Stan’s wild and funny word balloons to go with photos of key political and entertainment figures in 2008 including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Clooney, and the Dalai Lama!

This is a limited offer so don’t wait! Go here to order.

Filsinger Games Announces Best of the Indies Series!

Since 2011, Filsinger Games has been producing game editions for some of the biggest promotions in indie wrestling.  Some fantastic wrestlers have been included in these game editions over the years, but often there are wrestlers that are popular among a number of promotions that Filsinger Games has not worked with.  The newest Indie wrestling game line will help find a home for wrestlers that game fans are itching to see and may not be released through other partnerships.  This summer we release the first Best of the Indies game edition!

This first Best of the Indies game edition will focus on talent that has built their reputation in the United Kingdom.  While each of the 8 wrestlers have made their name in the UK, each of them have wrestled in the US and throughout the world.  The first name we are happy to announce for this set exemplifies that global presence…Zack Sabre Jr.! Sabre was first part of the Evolve 2 set, but has continued to build up his profile among some of the major pro wrestling organizations in the UK, US, and Japan.  This newly updated card will highlight his current move set and stature in the wrestling world.

Best of the Indies: United Kingdom will feature 8 cards, including mostly wrestlers making their debut in the Filsinger Games universe.  The set will debut on July 14th at GalactiCon in Pittsburgh, and begin mailing worldwide soon after that. Join us in Pittsburgh for the exclusive first release!

All Spring Promoter Prime Cards Revealed!

Filsinger Games promoters— last week we announced the first 3 cards for the Spring Promoter Prime subscription.  Now it’s time to announce the final six names for Q2, which will begin mailing in the next two weeks!

For Legends Prime, in addition to George South, we continue the June tradition of releasing cards for famous wrestling patriarchs.  First up is a color version of Bob Armstrong!  Team him with son Brad, or have him feud with Jim Cornette’s stable and relive some classic match-ups.  Next up is Joe Blanchard, the father of Tully and the grandfather of Tessa, who both recently were introduced to the Filsinger Games universe.

For Indies Prime, in addition to Billy Roc we released an unorthodox tag team from the Midwest, the current AIW tag team champions, Swoggle and PB Smooth!  Many fans remember Swoggle from his time in the major leagues, but he is a big part of Absolute Intense Wrestling these days.  He recently began an odd but successful tag team with near 7-footer PB Smooth, and won the tag team titles in their debut.  Undoubtedly their next challenge will come against the winners of the 1st annual Chandler Biggins Memorial Tag team Tournament coming this weekend as part of JT Lightning Memorial weekend.

Finally for COTG Prime, we announced that this quarter we return to the far flung future in the year 3005 and will have a re-imagined Rhea.  Joining her is a revamped Sixth Law team with incredible color updates that will put them right near the top of your Kronos tag division!  The leader of the tag team is DESTRUCTON 4300 – the latest and greatest Destructon model. Because Destructon 4300 is a cyborg (like Colossus), he is 100% legal to compete in the GWF on Kronos.  Then there is Destructon 4300’s tag team partner – ULTRA CLARION! GWF fans remember the clunky, block-headed Beta model of Clarion. That model is long gone! Ultra Clarion is a big, tall cyborg capable a moving like a cruiserweight. But he’s got a mean streak too.  Hardcore GWF fans will remember Sixth Law and the Mercenaries fighting to a time limit draw on the Kronos fight card in the Classics 3000 handbook – now fans can settle this feud of the future once and for all!

If you haven’t subscribed yet to Promoter Prime…do it now so you don’t miss out on these incredible cards!  Cards are available for tabletop gaming, online play or get both together at a discount.  Subscribe to Legends, Indie, COTG or all 3!  Go here to order.

Colored Version of Classic Spike Card to be GalactiCon 2018 Giveaway!

Long-time Champions of the Galaxy fans will remember one of the early advertisements for the game that appeared in the pages of Pro Wrestling Illustrated.  The ad featured the face-painted, headbanging villain Spike, with the quote “Hey Mom, the Babysitter’s Here!”  The ad and the artwork got the attention of many soon-to-be COTG promoters.  Now 30 years later that artwork is updated and immortalized as part of a special edition color card!

The card will be an exclusive giveaway to attendees at GalactiCon in Pittsburgh on July 14th and 15th.  Can’t make it to the big weekend? You can still get a copy of the card if you are a COTG Prime 2018 subscriber before July 15th, and the card will come with the rest of the summer cards.

If you haven’t made your plans yet, check out all the details at the GalactiCon page HERE.

For those unable to travel, stay turned for more information on how you can still participate in all the fun wherever you are in the world!

Spring Promoter Prime Cards Coming Soon!

Attention Filsinger Games promoters!  The second batch of cards from our quarterly subscription service Promoter Prime is coming out in the next few weeks.  Here are a few of the names that fans can expect to see:

George South is coming to Legends Prime in Q2!  The veteran of the south eastern territories is 1 of 3 Legends cards coming out soon.  South will be the perfect enhancement talent that you can use to get over the stars of the two recent Legends Expansion packs.  Who are the two other Legends that will come out this spring and what connections do they have to other Legends in the game?

Indiana Indie legend Billy Roc will come to the Indies prime game in Q2!  An accomplished wrestler and trainer of a number of midwest wrestlers (including the former Heidi Lovelace).  Billy Roc’s card is associated with the Dynamite Cup indie wrestling charity tournament on June 23rd in Lafayette, IN.  What two other Midwest wrestling stars will join Billy Roc this spring in Indies prime?

Hardcore GWF fans remember the wildest Classics set ever – Classics 3000. 24 years later, thanks to Promoter Prime, some of these incredible characters are brought back to life in full color for use in your Kronos fed!  The first playing card is RHEA THE GIANT! Rhea is the greatest and most powerful female wrestler from the future in the GWF. In the year 3005, she has defeated all female opponents, leaving her only the male wrestlers left to challenge. Rhea arrives on Kronos with her goal to dominate the women’s division. In the rare cases she does gets in the ring with a male wrestler, refer to the bold stats on her playing card. Rhea is ready to take on all comers!  But who are the other two wrestlers from the far flung future to join her?

If you haven’t subscribed yet to Promoter Prime, what are you waiting for?  Cards are available for tabletop gaming, Online play or get both together at a discount.  Subscribe to Legends, Indie, COTG or all 3!  Go here to order.

Headlocked Comics Now Available in the Filsinger Games Store

Right now Filsinger Games fans can jump right into reading the best wrestling comic on the market today, Headlocked!

We recently released an 8-pack of cards featuring characters from the series’s most recent graphic novel, The Last Territory, in conjunction with Headlocked’s 4th Kickstarter campaign.  Now in addition to picking up the card game itself, game fans can pick up the comic book series too!

Right now Filsinger Games is offering 2 packages with both priced 25% or more off the cover price.  One package includes the game cards, and both packages feature all 3 current graphic novels: A Single Step, The Last Territory Volume 1 and Volume 2.  Each book has at least 120 pages of riveting reading.

To check out all of our offerings from Headlocked Comics visit the online store HERE.