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Mr. Electricity Looks to Light Up the Legends Roster!

Former World Tag Team and Jr Heavyweight Champion Steve “Mr. Electricity” Regal will make his Legends of Wrestling debut in Legends Expansion III. Regal was a territorial star throughout the country, hearing both cheers and jeers from wrestling fans. He once formed a team that upset the Road Warriors, can he find the right partner to catch lightning in a bottle twice?

Preorder Legends Expansion III now along with all of our holiday releases HERE! Games begin mailing December 14th.

Creeper Will Creep Into INVASION 2088 Pack!

Well, at least the Mutant will be happy!

His partner in mutated weirdness will be arriving with the rest of the gang in INVASION 2088—and that’s none other than the CREEPER himself!

They may not get along all the time, but GWF fans love having them around!

Don’t hesitate! The full color remake of INVASION 2088 is coming in a few short weeks. Pre-order now and make the CREEPER and Mutant happy as they await in their comfy little caves.

Give the Smashing Gift of Our Starter Sets This Holiday!

It’s going to be a Filsinger Games holiday!

Are you interested in starting to play our games? GREAT IDEA! Our three most popular Starter Sets are described below along with a handy link in case you want to order.

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All our Starter Sets include EVERYTHING a new player will need including instructions, dice, charts, game handbook, and of course the cards!

Here’s where to start:


First, there’s our LEGENDS Starter Set featuring some of the all-time greats of wrestling history. This would make a great gift for a wrestling fan and especially the popular era of the 1980s. Go here!

Then there’s BEST OF Starter Set for fans of indie wrestling and the current scene. Several stars that are currently active are included in this game. Go here!

Finally there’s our flagship game, CHAMPIONS OF THE GALAXY, the game that started it all! You can’t go wrong with our cool Starter Set, it has stood the test of time! Star Warrior, Wolf, and Thantos await you! Go here!

Our official holiday mascot, Santa Wolf, is feeling savage this year! It’s a perfect time to spread Filsinger Games madness this holiday season!

ROH Death Before Dishonor Pack brings “The Goods!”

The newest name in the Ring of Honor Death Before Dishonor pack is the 2017 Top Prospect Tournament winner Josh “The Goods” Woods.  Josh is a 4-time All American wrestler and has extensive MMA training, so it’s no surprise the success he had when entering Ring of Honor.  Woods continues to build his pro wrestling credentials and with his talent is sure to be a future championship contender.

Josh Woods will join Marty Scurll, Jonathan Gresham, Sumie Sakai and Brian Milonas and four other wrestlers in the Death Before Dishonor 8-pack.  Preorder ROH: Death Before Dishonor now HERE and check out all our holiday releases HERE.  Games begin mailing December 14.

New INVASION 2088 Game Cards Will Pack a Punch!

Look out for some TKO action as legend BILLY JO BOXER will get his new color card in the upcoming INVASION 2088 game!

BOXER is not only a singles star, he also formed a legendary tag team called TitanPower with none other than Lord Nexus!

Now is the time to re-visit some classic feuds like BILLY JO BOXER and Lord Nexus against Invincible Krakan and Ghengis Khan!

Don’t miss the new INVASION 2088 game pack plus handbook. This holiday season will be our best ever!

The Villain Comes to the Ring of Honor Game!

“The Villain” Marty Scurll has finally arrived in the Ring of Honor game as part of the Death Before Dishonor game pack!  The umbrella toting Scurll made his name on the British independent scene before debuting in Ring of Honor in late 2016.  He made a splash winning the ROH Television title in just his 3rd match after signing with the promotion.  Scrull is a force in the Junior Heavyweight division internationally and is known for a variety of ways to torture opponents, including his dreaded Crossface Chickenwing.  The Villain’s popularity has grown even more in the past 2 years with his partnership with the Young Bucks.  Villain Enterprises is taking over!

Marty Scurll will join Jonathan Gresham, Sumie Sakai and Brian Milonas and 4 other wrestlers in the Death Before Dishonor 8-pack.  Preorder ROH: Death Before Dishonor now along with all our holiday releases now HERE.  Games begin mailing December 14th.

Godsend’s Greatest Nightmare is Returning in 2134 Game Pack!

There are going to be some sleepless nights ahead for Godsend! Two big enemies—MARAMUS and NIGHTMARE are making their unexpected returns in the upcoming KINGDOM COME 2134: UPRISING game pack!
The mysterious NIGHTMARE will arise once again from the Shadow Mist to wreak havoc in the GWF. To make matters worse for Godsend, NIGHTMARE will be led by MARAMUS and MARAMUS feels he has a score to settle with the leader of the Dominion! What does it all mean?
KINGDOM COME 2134: UPRISING will be a 4-card pack and should whet your appetite as loyal fans await the next amazing expansion, KINGDOM COME 2135, which is due in July, 2019.
Two more cards for this special 4-pack will be announced in the days ahead but for now be careful that you don’t lose any sleep tonight—NIGHTMARE will haunt everyone’s dreams and in particular, the dreams of Godsend!
Preorder KINGDOM COME 2134: UPRISING now along with all our holiday releases now HERE.  Games begin mailing December 14th.

Stan Hansen to Debut in Legends Expansion III!

The legendary Stan Hansen makes his LOW debut in Legends Expansion III!  Hansen is an international superstar with ties to many of the current LOW roster.  Will he reform his devastating tag team with Brusier Brody?  Will he target former rival Nick Bockwinkel?  Your promotion is about to be turned upside down!

Preorder Legends Expansion III now along with all of our holiday releases HERE! Games begin mailing December 14th.

Nick Bockwinkel Takes His Place Amongst the Legends!

The long awaited arrival of Nick Bockwinkel in COLOR will take place in Legends Expansion III! The former multiple time world heavyweight and tag team champion is one of the top wrestlers in history. Rivals like Mad Dog Vachon, Red Bastein and Billy Red Lyons have already been announced for LE III, who else may be arriving? Will Bockwinkel bring any allies with him? You’ll find out when Legends Expansion III hits your mailbox in December 2018!

Get ready to preorder Legends Expansion III later this week on Black Friday November 23rd along with all our other holiday releases from Champions of the Galaxy and Ring of Honor!

Jonathan Gresham Looks to Make the ROH Roster Tap!

The next wrestler joining the Ring of Honor Death Before Dishonor 8-pack is a new wrestler to the ROH series, but one familiar to Filsinger games fans, Jonathan Gresham.  Gresham is a premier technical wrestler, who is gifted in grappling and a variety of submission holds, including his patented Octopus Stretch.  He made his initial ROH debut in 2011 Top Prospect tournament, but didn’t become a regular in the promotion until the last two years.  Gresham was part of the Search and Destroy stable, but is focusing on singles competition and is using his “Pure” wrestling style to work up the ranks in Ring of Honor.

Jonathan Gresham will join Sumie Sakai and Brian Milonas and five other wrestlers in the Death Before Dishonor 8-pack.  The Ring of Honor Death Before Dishonor game pack will be available this December along with the other Filsinger Games holiday releases from Legends of Wrestling and Champions of the Galaxy.  Preorder begins this week on Black Friday November 23!