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The Legends Game Gets Franchised! Shane Douglas and Francine to be Released in July!

So many of the most successful wrestlers in the 90’s were ones that sparked controversy and had an attitude.  That is something that can absolutely be said for the newest name in Legends, “The Franchise” Shane Douglas!  Douglas had some success on the American wrestling scene for some time, but it was once he became the face of an outlaw wrestling promotion in a controversial way that he truly began to shine.  Douglas is a multi-time World Champion and has the wrestling skills to compete with the best, not needing to rely on hardcore antics, but happy to mix it up if it better proves his dominance.  Douglas was often aided in his bouts by his “Head Cheerleader” Francine.  Will this duo stake their claim to the World Title in your Legends fed?

Shane Douglas joins Sandman, Al Snow and Ox Baker in the 10 card Legends Expansion Set 4, while Francine will be available in a Special Edition 2-pack with Bill Alfonso!  Both Legends releases will debut July 13th at GalactiCon in the Philadelphia area!  The game will begin mailing to customers by July 22nd.  These games and the latest Champions of the Galaxy game edition GWF Sudden Death 2135 are available to preorder right now!

What Does Everybody Want? What Does Everybody Need? Al Snow is in Legends!

The next name for Legends Expansion Set 4 is another extreme wrestler ready to join your Legends fed, Al Snow!  Although, unlike the Sandman he isn’t known for bringing a Singapore cane to ringside, but rather a mannequin head.  Struggling to find his way, Snow began talking to his imaginary friend “Head” and bringing it to ringside, a gesture that the fans loved and still remember fondly to this day.  Snow went on to be well know for his hardcore antics winning gold on multiple occasions.  Since then he has gone on to be a renowned wrestling trainer and mentor to many younger stars.

Al Snow joins Sandman and Ox Baker in the 10 card Legends Expansion Set 4 debuting July 13th at GalactiCon in the Philadelphia area!  For more information on attending GalactiCon visit the GalactiCon page on our website.  The game will begin mailing to other customers shortly after.

Ox Baker to Unleash the Heart Punch in the Newest Legends Expansion

The next name for Legends Expansion Set 4 is the “Great Heart Puncher” himself, Ox Baker!  One of the most feared wrestlers of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, Baker traveled all throughout the territories punishing opponents and frightening fans everywhere he went.  What Baker is known best for is his devastating move, which was banned in multiple states and even said to kill more than one competitor.  Who will he unleash the Heart Punch on first in your Legends promotion?

Ox Baker joins Sandman in the 10 card Legends Expansion Set 4 debuting July 13th at GalactiCon in the Philadelphia area!  For more information on attending GalactiCon visit the GalactiCon page on our website.  The game will begin mailing to other customers shortly after.

Double Cross Takes Aim at HelSin in Sudden Death 2135!

In one of the most shocking turns in GWF history, Crossfire is taking aim at his former partner, HelSin!

There are secret reasons for this rift that no one knew before, that are only now leaking out.

And there are voices behind-the-scenes that are misleading and abusing the newly named Double Cross (formerly Crossfire).

But none of that matters now. Double Cross is determined to make sure that no one ever double crosses him again!

This will be one of the most intense feuds of all time. How will HelSin respond? And just who is Double Cross associated with?

Get ready for the shocking answers in SUDDEN DEATH 2135, coming at you in a month. And stay tuned next week for another breathtaking sneak preview!

Champions of the Galaxy proudly marches to new heights of glory!



The Sandman Enters The Next Legends Set!

Leading off the lineup of Legends Expansion Set 4 is none other than the Hardcore Icon, the Sandman!  Most well know for his escapades in the land of the extreme, the Sandman only loves one thing more than drinking a beer and that is delivering punishment to his opponents.  Brandishing his Singapore cane the Sandman is ready for a hardcore match against any opponent.

Get your music ready for his epic entrance into your Legends of Wresting fed this July when the Sandman and Legends Expansion Set 4 debut at GalactiCon in the Philadelphia area!  For more information on attending GalactiCon visit the GalactiCon page on our website.

A New Team Invades the GWF in Sudden Death 2135!

Hey true believers! Have we got a treat for you next month!

If you thought Godsend had pulled some mischief before, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

In SUDDEN DEATH 2135, Godsend pulls off the most shocking trick of all.

Plus more mayhem and an unexpected heel turn.

A wrestler ambushed and out for a whole year.

All this and Sudden Death too but with Godsend’s rules!

What does it all mean?

You’ll find out in SUDDEN DEATH 2135 coming in July!

A marvelous tribute to the memory of Stan Lee. Excelsior!



Prepay for GalactiCon 2019 and Receive a Free Special Edition card!

The center of the Filsinger Games universe shifts to Eastern Pennsylvania the weekend of July 12-14 for GalactiCon 2019.  Our 30th annual game convention is coming to Malvern, PA on Saturday July 13th and 14th as part of a whole weekend of wrestling fun.

GalactiCon attendees who prepay the $25 fee by July 8th will receive a free copy of the AVALANCHE Kronos Special Edition card.  Other convention goers and fans unable to attend the event will be able to purchase the card separately after the con.  To prepay for the event, click on the link HERE.

Filsinger Games was both friends with and fans of the legendary King Kong Bundy. And King Kong Bundy was friends with Tom Filsinger and Filsinger Games. In fact, King Kong Bundy was the historic first ever Legends of Wrestling card. The card had such an impact it marked the beginning of the Legends of Wrestling game series that fans all over the world enjoy today.  Filsinger Games honors the memory of King Kong Bundy with a brand new colorized playing card of his infamous intergalactic persona in the Galaxian Wrestling Federation – AVALANCHE!  Avalanche hails from Wintuuw, a mysterious planet in the Draco system nicknamed Cloneworld by outsiders, and is ready to go to battle in your Kronos fed.

GalactiCon convention rates are still available at the Residence Inn by Marriott Philadelphia Great Valley/Malvern at 10 General Warren Blvd, Malvern, PA 19355.  The Residence Inn next door to the convention site will be offering a special rate of $124 to GalactiCon guests on Friday and Saturday night. The rate includes breakfast and all rooms come equipped with a full kitchen. The best part is the hotel is just a few steps from where the convention will be held on Saturday and Sunday.  You must book by June 16th to receive the special rate.  Click HERE to book.

A few tickets are still available for the Filsinger games section at the Reading Fightin Phils game on Friday July 12th.  After the game is a fireworks show and matches from CHIKARA Pro Wrestling.  Fans attending the game will also receive another free mystery limited edition card!  Filsinger Games has a special section reserved at the stadium in left field (Blue Marsh Insurance Foul Porch). The ticket also includes an all you can eat buffet (stationed right by our section). The buffet features BBQ Chicken, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Tortilla Chips, Chips, Fruit, Cookies and Pepsi Products.  Tickets are $29 each and can be reserved by contacting


Here is all the info on the convention itself:

Date/Time: Saturday July 13th 11AM – 5PM and Sunday July 14th 11AM – 2PM

Location: P.J. Whelihan’s Pub & Restaurant , 12 General Warren Blvd, Malvern, PA 19355

Cost: $25 (2-day pass), includes food, drinks and dessert on Saturday

Featuring: Filsinger Games tournaments on both days, plus Trivia, Charity Auction, Q&A and more!

For more details go to the GalactiCon page of our website:


Nebula is Coming!

The last teaser for this set is the tag team partner of Centauri…Nebula!  What is his story and connection to Centauri?  Find out later this week when FUTURE SHOCK:  Centra Wrestling Federation 2115 is released to the universe.

FUTURE SHOCK:  Centra Wrestling Federation 2115 is a 14-card set including LANCE AT-LAS, MISTER CENTRA, SABOTEUR, ORACLE, DOOMSAYER, TOTAL ANARCHY, REVOLVER, EVOLUTION, CENTAURI, NEBULA and AGONY.  In order to play this game edition, you will need nine other previously released cards, which can be ordered separately in the Future Shock Bonus Pack for people who do not own the 2129-2131 GWF game editions.  Both the new game edition and the Bonus Pack can be ordered HERE.

Jeff Cobb Powers His Way into the ROH Supercard of Honor Set!

Jeff Cobb has wasted no time in making himself a major name in Ring of Honor.  The Pacific Island Native and former Olympian stormed onto the scene destroying competitors in the 2018 Top Prospect tournament, before declaring himself the Top Prospect of ROH.  He later went on to win the TV Title in his debit match in a mere 90 seconds!  Cobbhas continued to steamroll the competition and has picked up even more gold.  Is there any stopping the monster that is Jeff Cobb?

Jeff Cobb joins RUSH, Bandido, Brody King, PCO, Coast 2 Coast and PJ Black to round out the Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor 8-pack.  This game edition is now available to order HERE.  The game begins mailing on May 28th!

Promoter Prime Q2 Cards are Coming Next Week!

The popular Filsinger Games subscription service Promoter Prime will have its 2nd of 4 quarterly releases for 2019 shipping next week.  3 cards each for Legends of Wrestling, Indie Wrestling and Champions of the Galaxy will be released.  Its never too late to start your subscription.  Order now and get the Q1 cards now as well.  You can order 2019 Promoter Prime along with previous years HERE.

For the Legends of Wrestling line, we continue our Fathers Day tradition with a brand new father and son duo.  Texas wrestling legends Tiger Conway Sr and Tiger Conway Jr debut in the Legends of Wrestling game.  In addition, we will debut the first card for Memphis Legend Jackie Fargo, who we announced last summer at GalactiCon after his daughter Charlotte gave Filsinger Games permission to do this tribute card.


Our Indies Prime cards focus on Ring of Honor Wrestling to coincide with the release of the ROH Supercard of Honor set.  This trio of cards features an update for ROH Champion and leader of the Kingdom Matt Taven, an ROH TV announcer card for Ian Riccaboni and the first card for part time ROH competitor Luchasaurus.


Champions of the Galaxy this quarter focuses on the Centra Wrestling Federation, the newest product in the Champions of the Galaxy Universe.  The cards in Promoter Prime feature 3 natives of the Centra system Zealos, Grovel and Cringe.  These 3 cards will help expand the roster of the CWF for promoters playing out this exciting new promotion.

Promoter Prime Q2 cards will begin shipping on May 28th along with Future Shock: Centra Wrestling federation and ROH Supercard of Honor game editions!