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Ring of Honor’s Nigel McGuinness Coming to WrestleCon Pack!

One of Ring of Honor’s greatest world champions is coming as NIGEL MCGUINNESS is the second card to be announced in our upcoming WRESTLECON 4-Pack! McGuinness holds the record for the most ROH title defenses and has retired from active competition, but game fans can use modern era McGuinness as if he never left! Can Nigel recapture his past glory and win the ROH World Title? You’ll find out!

The new NIGEL

MCGUINNESS game card will be released exclusively at WrestleCon on April 5-7 (Filsinger Games will be there!) as part of our awesome WRESTLECON 4-Pack. You’ve already heard about SKIVER from Champions of the Galaxy! Watch for more announcements about WRESTELCON 4-Pack playing cards in the weeks ahead!

March Madness: Free NPWD Pack With Orders for ROH and CHIKARA!


The Filsinger Games version of March Madness is here with an amazing offer: We’ll give away our cool National Pro Wrestling Day 6-Pack for FREE when you order the RING OF HONOR or CHIKARA Introductory Sets!  That’s a $15 value for free!

If you’re a fan of Indy wrestling you’ll love this deal. It’s your chance to start playing wrestling’s greatest games and get a bonus to go along with it! You can also order the ROH/CHIKARA combo Intro Set and you’ll get a free NPWD pack also!

The NPWD set features 2 COLD SCORPIO along with 5 other Indy stars from different wrestling promotions.  The set is a collector’s item to celebrate National Pro Wrestling Day which was sponsored by Filsinger Games and took place in Philadelphia on February 2.

Don’t hesitate, if you’ve been on the fence about ordering ROH and CHIKARA or you want to get a gift for a friend who’s a wrestling fan—this is the time to do it!

This offer will be in effect until March 31 so hurry and get right on it!

Skiver to Join Forces with Patch in the GWF!

It’s 2128 and Patch is back at his home on the seediest planet in the Alderbaran system. Let’s listen in on a heated conversation he’s having with his friend on the dark streets. Patch is vehement and shouts: “No! The answer is no.” “I knew you’d say that but I’m going to do it anyway.” “You don’t have experience. You’ll get killed. You’re not ready.” “There’s only one way to get ready man, and that’s to start fighting!” “You’re small by GWF standards. There are monsters there like Monolith, Overmaster—” “You think I don’t know that? I’ll beat them with street smarts and speed. My wrestling name will be Skiver.” “Skiver?” “Because I’m going to cut people down to size.” Patch pauses. “You know I love you brother, but I’m on a team—” “—I know, Clinch and Shoot. You think they won’t like me?” “It’s got nothing to do with liking.” “I’ll start slow. I’ll be your tag partner. Remember the days when we fought together, kicked ass on these streets?” “Yeah, I remember all too well.” “We did it back then and we can do it now.” Patch turns away and ponders. “Well, maybe…” Get psyched game fans! Skiver will be released exclusively at

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WrestleCon on April 6 and then starts mailing on April 10!

Game Creator Tom Filsinger Added to Guest List at WrestleCon!

The following is a press release from Filsinger Games.

Tom Filsinger, the owner of Filsinger Games and the creator of Champions of the Galaxy, will be a special guest at WrestleCon on April 5-7 in Secaucus, New Jersey.

Filsinger Games has been wrestling’s premiere producer of tabletop card games since 1987 starting with Champions of the Galaxy and currently including licensed games for Ring of Honor, Chikara, Shimmer, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, and Combat Zone Wrestling.

Tom Filsinger has worked closely with many professional wrestlers over the years including Ted DiBiase, Nikolai Volkoff, Iron Sheik, Hacksaw Jim Dugan, King Kong Bundy, Buff Bagwell, and many more. He has also partnered with Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee in publishing a book and teamed up

with Stan at public promotions at the New York Comic Con and Authors@Google in Santa Monica.

Tom, an Associate Professor of Psychology, has written a book about the creating of his game company called “The Dark Menace of the Universe” where he discusses game creating along with the psychology of creativity. Tom will be signing his book and visiting game fans at the Filsinger Games tables.

WrestleCon is a major wrestling convention featuring guests such as Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Kurt Angle, and many more. There will also be live wrestling featuring promotions such as Chikara, Shimmer, and Combat Zone Wrestling.

For more information about WrestleCon go to and for more information about Filsinger Games go to

NPWD Collector’s Pack is Ready to Order!

As the official sponsor for National Pro Wrestling Day (coming on February 2) in Philadelphia, we’re thrilled to announce that the NPWD 6-Pack is ready to order!

The 6-Pack features wrestlers participating in the event including 2 Cold Scorpio, Ethan Page, Shane Hollister, Arik Royal, Juan Francisco de Coronado, and one more not yet announced! These wrestlers represent different promotions and their cards will be an awesome collector’s item!

Don’t just sit there, go here to order! The NPWD 6-Pack is scheduled to beginning mailing on February 2…keep watching for updates!

I’m Enjoying Our Latest Game Releases with a New Indy Fed!

As most of you know I’ve been playing two game feds for a long time: First my Champions of the Galaxy fed which I’ve played since 1988 and featuring over 850 fight cards and over 6,000 matches. Then there’s my Legends of Wrestling federation which I’ve been playing since 2003.

It’s not always easy to find time to play these feds but I’m about to compound the problem by adding a new one…drum roll please…Dark Menace Promotions! This’ll be my wildest yet!

DMP is a fictional wrestling promotion founded and funded by the nefarious Dark Menace who not only loves Indy wrestling but loves money and power even more and aims to use DMP as a vehicle for his own secret ambitions. But not so fast! The Dark Menace has hired David Marquez, known for his work with Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, to be the main announcer and organizer but Mr. Marquez is going to give him more than he bargained for! David insists on doing things by the book and has challenged the Dark Menace on his own turf. The Dark Menace sees this as an amusing challenge and the battle is on!

The Dark Menace and David Marquez have recruited some of the top Indy talent in the world to join DMP. The Dark Menace has started by bringing in his heavy hitters: Kevin Steen, Mike Quackenbush, and the Briscoe Brothers. Not to be outdone Marquez recruited El Generico, Colt Cabana, and the World’s Greatest Tag Team! These feuds are going to get ugly! Here is the rest of the roster:

The Colony (with Delirious)
FIST (Taylor and Gargano)
Willie Mack
2 Cold Scorpio
Mike Bennett
The Hobo
Arik Royal
Shane Hollister

Da Soul Touchaz (with C. Red)
SCUM (Jacobs and Corino)
Ethan Page
Cedric the Hitman
de Coronado
Robert Anthony
Sara Del Rey

The ring announcer is none other than Gavin Loudspeaker who seems to share a secret alliance with the Dark Menace. Can David counter and win fan support?

Over ten Indy promotions represented in DMP! I’m using playing cards from RING OF HONOR, CHIKARA, CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING FROM HOLLYWOOD, and NATIONAL PRO WRESTLING DAY card packs in my fed.

The first step is to crown a Heavyweight Champion and Tag Team Champions. The Dark Menace has announced that a second singles belt will be added but he hasn’t named it yet.

David insists he will “stand against abuses of power and corruption and shape DMP into an honorable wrestling promotion that showcases the best talent.” The Dark Menace says he “sneers at such pompous and overblown bravado” and promises to “manage my stable to the top.”

To really rile the Dark Menace David Marquez has promised that DMP will eventually stand for David Marquez Productions. Will he turn out to be right?

The battle is on! Watch for the start of DMP action! It’ll be wild and off the wall, a departure from my other two game federations. I’ll be reporting results soon…


2 Cold Scorpio Coming to NPWD Card Pack!

One of pro wrestling’s most charismatic stars is coming to National Pro Wrestling Day and the upcoming NPWD Card Park and that’s none other than 2 COLD SCORPIO!

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2 Cold is featured in a four-man match along with Shane Hollister, another wrestler included in the upcoming NPWD Card Pack!

2 Cold Scorpion has had a distinguished career wrestling in many promotions and earning honors from Pro Wrestling Illustrated for being among the top singles wrestlers of the PWI years. He also wrestled with Chikara at 2012 King of Trios.

National Pro Wrestling Day takes place on February 2 in Philadelphia, PA. It’s a historic wrestling event and admission is FREE so you don’t want to miss it! There will be action all day long in the afternoon and evening showcasing stars from many wrestling promotions.

Filsinger Games is proud to be the official sponsor of the National Pro Wrestling Day. The NPWD Card Pack will become a wrestling collector’s item and is due for release the same weekend as the matches. Keep watching for details about ordering and to learn the identities of the other four wrestlers!



SHIMMER Women Athletes Game is Coming in March!

Attention wrestling and game fans! Get ready for…SHIMMER! SHIMMER Women Athletes is the greatest female professional wrestling promotion around! This stylish federation was created to provide a platform for the best female wrestlers around the world to display their talents — and now these awesome ladies are headed your way!


The SHIMMER game edition will include 16 women wrestler cards, allowing you to run your very own stand-alone ladies fed! It’s a great companion to our Ring of Honor game. ROH has recognized SHIMMER titles and the belts have been defended at ROH events.


Stay tuned as more news about the SHIMMER game edition is announced in the weeks leading up to release! We’ll also be offering sneak peeks at card artwork!


The SHIMMER Women Athletes game edition is scheduled for release in March 2013! Get pumped!

Filsinger Games to Release National Pro Wrestling Day Collector’s Pack!

Filsinger Games, the official sponsor of National Pro Wrestling Day, will be celebrating this unique and historic wrestling event by releasing a special NPWD Collector’s Pack.

National Pro Wrestling Day takes place on February 2 in Philadelphia and features an incredible showcase of wrestling talent from many promotions. Go here for more information.

The NPWD Collector’s Pack will showcase 6 wrestlers participating at the historic wrestling event and is scheduled for release in early February. The first card announced is SHANE HOLLISTER representing AAW Wrestling. Shane will be featured in a bout along with 2 Cold Scorpio, Oliver Grimsley and Jo Jo Bravo.

Several wrestlers at Pro Wrestling Day are already immortalized with a Filsinger Games card including the Briscoe Brothers, Steve Corino, Mike Quackenbush, Colt Cabana, Sugar Dunkerton, and more. If you already own these cards you’ll be able to play your own Pro Wrestling Day action when you get the NPWD Collector’s Pack!  Watch for info on how to pre-order!

The NPWD Collector’s Pack will be released in early February. Watch for more updates and don’t forget to make your plans to attend National Pro Wrestling Day!

Once Upon a Time There was a Game Company…

It’s been a wild year. Filsinger Games is getting more and more exposure in the media and this is quite gratifying after over two decades of being in business.It’s another one of those overnight success stories that aren’t overnight at all but a long time in the making. It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get here but also a lot of fun.

I’ve been asked to be a guest on several radio shows and podcasts and I love talking about the history of Filsinger Games. We’ve posted links to some of these interviews at this site, but keep in mind there will be a test afterwards! Go here for the media links.

There’s a new one coming soon: An interview for a new web series called Chautauqua Tonight created by Paul Schermerhorn and the merry band of wild folks at the Spire in Jamestown. I support Paul’s vision of a web series focusing on the interesting things happening in Chautauqua county and I’m honored to be the main guest on his inaugural show. I’m also part of a crazy skit during the show so it’ll be a lot of fun and a chance for Paul and company to get their feet wet. I hope the series is a smash success!

Most interviewers ask me questions about my game company and upcoming releases but the part that winds up being the most fun for both of us is telling stories.

There’s the story I’ve told dozens of times but never tire of about how the games were developed in my boring math class in high school and how the page numbers of the math textbook became my dice rolls. Then on to the story of how I tried to sell the game to the WWE (then the WWF) in the 1980s, nearly meeting Vince McMahon in the process.

I’ve told many stories about the wrestlers who’ve worked with my company over the years and the crazy things that happened with them at conventions including the feud caught on video between Nikolai Volkoff and comedian Andy Malonakis at our table in Pittsburgh; or the time I had to chase down an inebriated Hacksaw Jim Duggan and tear him away from “the man who invented Monopoly” to play game tournaments with fans in Columbus, Ohio. That’s to say nothing of trying to stop the Iron Sheik from destroying everyone and everything in his path at a convention in Detroit when a huge bar tab for all the fun and merriment came due.

Sometimes people want to hear stories about my business association and friendship with Stan Lee and there’s plenty there also. It’s been an honor to work closely with a cultural icon and my all-time hero. That’s to say nothing of the wild time when I met Julie Newmar of Catwoman fame from the classic Batman TV show. She dumped Batman in Ohio to spend time with the Dark Menace.

What’s an interview without stories? I remember reading a book by a famous lawyer, Gerry Spence, who won many high-profile cases, and he said the secret of his success was weaving his cases into good stories. People get bored hearing facts heaped upon facts. A good story is the glue that holds it all together and gives people something to relate to or at least remember.

So I’m going to be out there spreading the word! It’s great that more people are noticing our wonderful little niche and seeing how much fun we’re having!

You’re invited, everyone is invited! The game room is open and the dice are hot!