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Matt Taven is Bringing all the Hoopla to New ROH 6-Pack!

Another Ring of Honor champion is coming to the new ROH 6-Pack!

Matt Taven has been wrestling for Ring of Honor for years, but only after a recent career decision has his profile in ROH really risen.  Taven took part in the 2013 Top Prospect tournament, making it to the finals before ultimately winning thanks to the assistance of Truth Martini.  Under the guidance of Martini, Taven went on to win the ROH TV Title and cement himself as a force in the promotion.

Thanks to his athletic prowess and timely interference from his mentor and the lovely Hoopla Hotties that accompany them, Taven has a successful title reign that he looks to continue for a long time.  There’s no telling the heights this House of Truth disciple can reach and you’ll find out when the Ring of Honor 6-Pack is released!

Just What is Tricks Up To?

We’re starting our sneak peeks for BLACK DEATH 2129 with mysteries. Can you solve them? The first was to try and guess the mystery man. The second involves the GWF’s nefarious clown, TRICKS. Needless to say TRICKS will be up to no good in 2129. He already lost a partner, cialis vs viagra Oracle, in 2127 (big news

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is coming about Oracle too by the taking viagra without erectile dysfunction way!). Now there’s a big new feud for TRICKS and there’s a clue on his card art about his new story. Can you find it? A mixing nitrates with viagra can cause free copy of BLACK DEATH 2129 goes to the first to guess this stunning new development…if any one! BLACK DEATH 2129 is around the mexico pharmacy corner! There are four newcomers entering the scene mexican online pharmacy in 2129 and we haven’t introduced you to any of them yet! Keep watching for sneak previews as the GWF enters one of the most historic eras in its history! The wonders that await will shock you!

Returning Veteran BJ Whitmer Comes to ROH Game!

The newest name for the Ring of Honor Summer 6-Pack is the hard hitting Ring of Honor veteran BJ WHITMER!

Trained by the legendary Les Thatcher, Whitmer first joined the Ring of Honor roster a decade ago. He captured multiple tag team championships in his tenure before resigning from Ring of Honor back in 2008. He made his much called for return to ROH early in 2013 in a Proving Grounds match against TV Champion Jay lethal. Whitmer has not lost a beat in his absence and proved himself worthy of rejoining the roster, picking back up a feud with former partner Jimmy Jacobs. Whether

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he is challenging for a title or taking the fight to SCUM, BJ Whitmer will always bring his all and continues to build his legend in Ring of Honor!

The new ROH 6-Pack will begin mailing at the end of the month! Get psyched!

BLACK DEATH 2129 is Coming!

BLACK DEATH 2129 is on the way (July 13 to be exact) and it’s sneak peek season again!

This will be the 43rd expansion in the history of Champions of the Galaxy. Isn’t that amazing! Thanks to our long-time fans and fantastic new ones for keeping this galactic saga alive.

I guess I’m not risk averse, I’m starting the teaser season with a mystery man and not a “Wow, awesome, look at him!” fighting specimen. That’s the ticket in 2129 and beyond: lots of mystery, lots of fantastic characters and daring story lines.

The epic BLACK DEATH story reaches a crescendo in 2129 as BLACK DEATH suffers its greatest setbacks but also attains its greatest success! What could possibly top End of Days? Will the scientists at Ground Zero up the ante? The answer will shock you!

There’s more and these tidbits will give promoters something to bite on as we move along:

An all-time legend returns to the GWF in 2129. The galaxy rejoices. Who is he?

A member of the Legends team decides to make his own remake! He moves off in a new direction to the chagrin of Hector and the rest of his team. Who is it?

The word “legend” seems to be the operative word at the moment. To balance it out the Legends team gets a new member, another famous persona from the past. Who will it be? A clue: it’s in the mold of Bishop Hell.

There are casualties all over the place on the battlefield. At least six GWF stars suffer serious afflictions in 2129 including possible career-ending injuries. Who are they?

Skiver enters the GWF to team up with Patch. But why does that signal the end of Fight Club?

Get psyched, the ride to BLACK DEATH 2129 STARTS NOW!

Until Bishop Hell smiles…

BLACK DEATH 2129 Starts With a Mystery: Who is This Man?

Let’s have some fun! The teaser season starts now for BLACK DEATH 2129 and here’s a mystery: Who is this unusual man? The answer may surprise you but if you’re up to date with BLACK DEATH you’ll probably figure it out…the clues are there! We’ll tell you this for sure: he’s a wrestler, not a manager. What is he up to? What is his purpose in the GWF? One thing you’ll discover in 2129, things aren’t always what they appear to be! Our next sneak peek will present another mystery so get your sleuthing skills in order! Our latest expansion will be released on July 13 at GalactiCon and begins mailing to the rest of the galaxy on July 16. Keep watching for more sneak peeks for BLACK DEATH 2129. Will it be the end of BLACK DEATH or the beginning of a shocking new era in GWF

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Bobby Fish to Join Forces with Kyle O’Reilly in New ROH Pack!

Current ROH Tag Team Champions BOBBY FISH and Kyle O’Reilly (reDRagon) are nitrates cialis coming to our first ROH expansion pack! Bobby Fish has extensive training in Martial Arts, holding a black belt in Tae Kwan Do, and also an impressive record in Muay Tai kickboxing. Fish uses these skills in the ring and complements viagra y sildenafil the MMA style of O’Reilly. The two had the biggest accomplishment of their careers earlier in generic viagra sildenafil 2013 in defeating the Briscoes for the cialis from canada ROH World Tag Team Championships. Can reDRagon be as successful in your fed? You’ll find out when the ROH expansion pack comes out in late June! Keep watching for more sneak previews!

CWF Hollywood Act II in the Spotlight Soon!

Coming at the end of May — Championship Wrestling from Hollywood – ACT II! ACT II is the 12 card expansion set for our popular CWFH game edition which featured stars like Adam Pearce, Willie

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Mack, Joey Ryan, the Tribe and more! ACT II will be available in three formats: standard color cards, printable PDF, and digital cards Online! Don’t forget the Limited Edition PERCY PRINGLE III card that will be available along with the CWFH ACT II edition. It’s our special tribute to a true Legend of Wrestling! Follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook to stay up to date as we reveal a new wrestler card every Monday and Friday night! Get excited! Championship Wrestling from Hollywood ACT II is coming soon!

We’re Proud to Support and Partner with Indy Wrestling!

2013 has been an amazing year for Filsinger Games and WrestleCon (which took place in Secaucus, New Jersey on April 5-7) seems to represent all the cool things that have been happening. Filsinger Games is evolving and our evolution is coinciding with a grass roots movement in the Indy scene. I’ll try to describe this movement as best I can but first a little history.

As many of our fans know, Filsinger Games began as a company selling just one game. I produced Champions of the Galaxy for over 15 years before adding Legends of Wrestling Card Game in 2003, That was a big breakthrough, finally a companion game to Champions of the Galaxy featuring real wrestlers. But as it turns out it was just the beginning.

In 2011 we reached an agreement (thanks to game fan Rob Beaubien) with CHIKARA to license a game with their promotion. It was the perfect bridge for my company since CHIKARA is a promotion with comic book influences and our mainstay was still Champions of the Galaxy, a sci-fi viagra for women wrestling game of the future. Our successful partnership with CHIKARA was followed by an agreement with Ring of Honor (Rob again) as well as Combat Zone Wrestling, SHIMMER, and Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (the latter three thanks to Kris Osk). I’m sure more will follow.

Suddenly Filsinger Games was filling a niche as the largest seller of Indy wrestling card games and the momentum was like a tidal wave. We sponsored National Pro Wrestling Day in February and this was another milestone event for my company.

I have attended conventions since 1999, usually comic book conventions and they are always a great way to meet fans, advertise our games, and network with professionals. But there has been nothing quite like WrestleCon.

We did a lot of the same old things and I never tire of them. I visited with friends from wrestling’s classic mania era like Ted DiBiase, Nikolai Volkoff, Jim Duggan, and Bobby Heenan. These wrestlers and many more have supported my game company and partnered with me on promotions over the years. We have seen each other many times, worked together, partied together, and become friends. Along with visiting with wrestlers there’s the fun and excitement of meeting game

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fans in person as well as teaching newcomers how to play.

But at WrestleCon there was even more.

With the assistance of new partner, Wiggy Wigowski, we scheduled guest appearances at the Filsinger Games table featuring Indy stars such as Bryce Remsburg, Veda Scott, Leva Bates, as well as the Batiri and Ant Colony. The energy was infectious.

Young Indy stars who were proud to be featured on game cards (with sensational art by Werner Mueck) came to visit our table and speak with us and take photos such as Jay Lethal from Ring of Honor and Arik Royal from CWF Mid-Atlantic.

The ground was moving under my feet.

My game company, which focused on classic stars from the past with Legends of Wrestling, was now part of an exciting movement focusing on interesting young people living out their dreams and fantasies. They wrestle in the “smart fan” era where fans are defining the wrestling experience in subtle new ways.

Indy wrestlers fascinate me and when I meet them I invariably want to learn more about them as people and they are an incredibly diverse group, from lawyers to office workers to unemployed nomads. What they all share is a love for Indy wrestling and a close intimate relationship with their fans. Social networking has all but erased the barriers between Indy wrestlers and fans and the lines are blurred.

This reminds me of garage rock bands, less commercial, more real, more connected to their fans than their larger counterparts.

As the owner of Filsinger Games I am proud to be part of this movement. We are a small game company with a vision that we’ve seen through for years and cialis online purchase canada these young people are wrestling on a small stage (compared with WWE and TNA) and still moving forward in the spirit of fun and adventure. Where does this commitment lead? Who knows, there are no guarantees. And yet isn’t fun and fame and connecting with others in a common vision a reward unto itself; a reward which allows us to sidestep the humdrum of standard nine to five work and escape to a world of fantasy and fun?

I admire everyone in the Indy business, from the companies that are well known to the smaller promotions across America that draw maybe 100 people or 200 people at their house shows. I was very proud to release a National Pro Wrestling Day card pack because the focus (like the event itself) was on small promotions that fly under the national radar.

There’s nothing like honest enthusiasm and excitement that exemplifies Indy wrestling and the fans. I think the Indy mentality is slowly but surely creating a wave of “new attitudes” in WWE crowds. I was amazed to watch RAW on April 8 and see that the large crowd of 20,000 in New Jersey was behaving like an Indy wrestling crowd. Lots of creative chants and more important an underlying “you can’t fool me so don’t mess with me” attitude that is upbeat and raucous but not to be trifled with lest the chants get ugly.

Filsinger Games proudly joins hands with our Indy partners and brethren to continue the revolution.

Diamond Dallas Page will be Special Guest on The View!

Wrestling superstar Diamond Dallas Page will be the special guest on our hit podcast “The View from Filsinger Headquarters” joining popular game artist Werner Mueck. Page has been promoting healthy lifestyles with his DDP Yoga program. He is working successfully with wrestling legends Jake the Snake Roberts and Scott Hall. Werner Mueck will be on the third mic on the show and he is currently working on card art for the upcoming expansion for Championship Wrestling from

Hollywood. He has also drawn card art for our Ring of Honor, Chikara, and Shimmer games. “The View” will air on Wednesday, May 15. Listen to our first show here.

Bryce Remsburg: “It’s like being on the first Saturday Night Live!”

The first Filsinger Games podcast is under our belt and it was a great success! Our guest Bryce Remsburg was impressed and he quipped: “It’s like being on the first Saturday Night Live!”

The show featured fan questions for Tom about the history of the games as well as updates on current releases. Featured guest Bryce Remsburg talked about CHIKARA and SHIMMER as well as WrestleCon. While Bryce was being interviewed a game match was being played with Larry Sweeney scoring a victory over Eddie Kingston with Bryce as special referee!

Tom formally announced that a PERCY PRINGLE playing card will be released in late May and exclusive sneak preview card art is coming to Filsinger Games twitter on April 19!

To listen to our groundbreaking premiere podcast go here.

The second installment of THE VIEW FROM FILSINGER GAMES HEADQUARTERS is coming in May. Watch for announcements about guests!