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Champions of the Galaxy Comes to Life at the Great Galaxian Bash!

It was an amazing spectacle to behold as Champions of the Galaxy, wrestling’s classic card game, came to life on July 11 in Jamestown, New York. The colorful cast of characters from the future of wrestling were portrayed by some of the hottest names on the indie scene. Champions of the Galaxy was first released in 1986 and has been on the market continuously ever since, selling over 100,000 copies worldwide and boasting a loyal fan base. WWE star Daniel Bryan and legend King Kong Bundy are numbered among fans of the game. Here are the match results from the card which was dubbed as the Great Galaxian Bash: July 11, 2014 Allen Park Ice Rink, Jamestown, NY Presented by BP&W Entertainment and Filsinger Games Live Event Productions Champions of the Galaxy Live Event Opening promo with host Louden Noxious. He tries to bring out GWF founder Omega, but the only sign of Omega is his mystical necklace. Star Warrior (Orange Cassidy) comes out and claims that someone is responsible and will pay, which brings out Thantos (Chuck Taylor). Thantos claims responsibility, but will only accept Star Warrior’s challenge if someone will fight his creation Death Knight. Death Knight (Jon Bolen) defeats Beast Rider (Robert Evans), accompanied by an alien beast Tocur, with a Loaded Glove when the referee was trying to remove Death Knight’s sword from the ring. The Gladiators, Brute (Malta the Damager) and Massacre (Sage Strong) fought the Greek Gods, Proteus (Papadon) and Actagon (John Silver) to a wild brawl that ended in a No Contest. This match also featured an appearance by Wolf who made the save after Actagon was injured. Wolf (Alex Reynolds) defeats Executioner (Troy Buchannon) with the Savage Face Claw in an impromptu match after Executioner sneak attacked Wolf during an in-ring interview. In the main event of the Champions of the Galaxy portion on the card, Star Warrior (Orange Cassidy) defeats Thantos (Chuck Taylor) with the Nova Launch after a great back and forth match. After the match Star Warrior has a staredown with Death Knight who appears with Thantos outside the ring. Legends of Wrestling Supershow Brutus Beefcake hosts the Barber Shop with his guest The Dark Menace. The Dark Menace brings out his team Criminal Justice to confront Brutus,

before John McChesney evens the odds and sets up the main event.Bill Collier, Jimi the Flying Hippie and Brandon Thurston defeat Alex Reynolds, John Silver and Papadon, when Collier pinned Reynolds following a lariat. “The Kentucky Gentleman” Chuck Taylor defeated Stevie Richards in a match for the Kentucky 24/7 Hardcore championship, after interference from Orange Cassidy. The match also featured interference from Doink the Clown and Barrister RD Evans, who claimed to have an injunction to shut down the show. Brutus Beefcake and “Big League” John McChesney defeated “Lucious” Rocky Reynolds and “Black Sheep” Bennett Cole accompanied by The Dark Menace, when 2 of Dark Menace’s goons caused a disqualification. The goons got their haircut, while the Dark Menace and Criminal Justice escaped. Photos courtesy of TMK Pro Wrestling Photography.

SHIMMER Volume 2 Kicks Off With Jessicka Havoc!

In 2013 we partnered with SHIMMER Women Athletes and released a game edition based on their incredible promotion and amazingly talented roster. To no surprise it was a huge hit!

This year, we’re at it again! Coming in late August is SHIMMER Volume 2! It’s an expansion game edition that will include 8 SHIMMER wrestler cards and be available in three different forms: standard printed color card, printable PDF, and digital online!

We’ve just announced the first wrestler included – the HAVOK DEATH MACHINE – JESSICKA HAVOK – and will reveal more card art every Monday night leading up to release! Just follow us on Twitter @filsingergames or check out our message boards: and you’ll never miss a beat!

SHIMMER Volume 2 is coming soon! GET EXCITED!

ROH Bonus Card: World Champion Michael Elgin!

Micheal Elgin finalized a career long journey and made history at Best in the World, defeating Adam Cole to become only the 19th ever World Champion in ROH! Such a major accomplishment deserves a major upgrade! Prepare your Ring of Honor Wrestling Game fed for a one of a kind collector’s item MICHEAL ELGIN: ROH WORLD CHAMPION playing card! No one can say Filsinger Games isn’t on top of things!

The best part is the card is free, a bonus card included with the new ROH: Tradition of Honor game pack! The 6-pack just became a 7-pack! Go here to order and be part of the party!


After all the hype for COTG Live Event and the Great Galaxian Bash the event finally happened on July 11 and it’ll take it’s rightful place in wrestling and pop culture history!

Champions of the Galaxy a mainstay card game for nearly 30 years, finally came to life and was a resounding success. It happened at Allen Park Ice Rink in Jamestown, New York and the venue was transformed into the Galactic Wrestling Federation. People in the crowd wore alien masks and kids went wild over the Champions of the Galaxy characters!

We’re posting a few photos now but many more will follow along with a video, DVD, and cool stuff  to commemorate this incredible event.

There were four official matches:

Star Warrior defeated Thantos in the main event with NOVA LAUNCH.

Wolf used the SAVAGE FACE CLAW to beat the Executioner.

The Gladiators fought the Greek Gods to a double disqualification when a total brawl broke out also including Wolf!

Death Knight used the LOADED GLOVE to finish off Beast Rider.

The wrestlers on the card were sensational and the crowd was great. Louden Noxious was the perfect announcer.

A fine job by organizers Todd Joerchel and Jeff Gutherz with assistance from Randy Grey, Paul Schermerhorn, and many of our great fans!


Photos by TMK Pro Wrestling Photography.


























Tom’s Open Letter of Thanks

It’s 4:25 pm on July 11 and I want to thank everyone involved in COTG Live Event before the show starts at 7:30 tonight.

As far as I’m concerned it’s a success already. I am deeply touched by game fans for making this event a reality. I created Champions of the Galaxy in 1985 and now nearly 30 years later it will come to life in front of my eyes and the eyes of the fans.

This fact really hit home last night when I met Malta the Damager when he arrived in Jamestown. It struck me: This guy is going to be Brute tomorrow night! How cool is that?

It’s amazing the time, effort, and money that main organizers Todd Joerchel and Jeff Gutherz put into this project. Heartfelt thanks to them but there are so many others. There’s Louden Noxious, Randy Grey, Paul Schermerhorn, and many more, including all the people that contributed to the kickstarter campaign to fund it.

Tonight is the greatest honor that can be bestowed upon a game creator…no heck, any creator! It’s fantastic that people care enough about this game and these characters to make this happen.

I am truly humbled. Thanks again to all.



GalactiCon Weekend is Here as We Take Over Jamestown!

The biggest event of the year is bigger than ever!

The 25th anniversary of GalactiCon will be marked by several special events:

GREAT GALAXIAN BASH – It’s CotG come to life on July 11! If you haven’t heard yet you must be living in a cave. It’s going to be the best Champions of the Galaxy party of all time! It’s not too late, make plans to join us!

COTG 2130 – Cloaked in secrecy, it’s the first expansion EVER with no previews of game art or revealing the story arc. The drama builds!

ROH: TRADITION OF HONOR – Amazing release of the new Ring of Honor expansion featuring an amazing BONUS card!

LEGENDS numbered cards for Brutus Beefcake and Marty Jannetty, who will be helping us celebrate COTG Live Event!

Special guests include Wiggy and Louden Noxious and you never know who else might show up! One year it was Necro Butcher! This year, who knows?

If you’re not psyched by now, you’ve got no pulse. If you’re not coming, you’re not trying hard enough!

GALACTICON 2014 and GREAT GALAXIAN BASH are coming! It’s party time!



Collectible Numbered Cards for Brutus Beefcake and Marty Jannetty!

COTG: Live Event is the biggest event in game history, so let’s celebrate with two special game cards! We’ll be releasing Limited Edition and numbered color Legends cards for BRUTUS BEEFCAKE and MARTY JANNETTY. Brutus and Marty will take part in the Great Galaxian Bash event on Friday night July 11 in Jamestown in the return of the Barber Shop. So what better time to bring these colorful characters to life in the Legends game in full color! These cards have updated stats from the original black and white Legends cards and feature fantastic artwork by Werner Mueck. The cards are individually numbered, with the lowest numbered cards being made available to fans that attend the Great Galaxian Bash event. Fans in attendance will also be able to get their cards autographed by Brutus and Marty. For game fans that can’t make it to Jamestown, the cards will be made available at some point after GalactiCon. The summer

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of fun never stops, it’s our 25th anniversary of GalactiCon after all! Be sure to be in Jamestown on July 11 to get the lowest numbered collector’s cards for Brutus and Marty!

COTG 2130: Around 15 people will be gone, depending on how you count them.

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Sage Strong will be Massacre as we gear up for COTG Live Event!

Sage Strong of the Ultimate Wrestling Experience will be one half of butt-kicking Champions of the Galaxy tag team, the Gladiators of Aethra!

This is the coolest, most unique wrestling show of the year featuring indie stars, legends, and wrestling’s greatest sci-fi action game, Champions of the Galaxy, brought to life! The first half of the show will be COTG Live Event and the second half will be fantastic indie action along with legends like Marty Jannetty and Brutus Beefcake. The main event is a classic and first time ever: Stevie Richards vs Chuck Taylor!


Ghena Has a New Friend

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