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Another Tidbit About COTG 2130…

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Jay Briscoe Breaks Tradition and Declares Himself “Real” ROH Champion!

At last year’s Supercard of Honor, Jay Briscoe won the Ring of Honor World Championship sildenafil citrate in an emotional moment no one will ever forget. But a devastating injury cut short the Briscoe title reign and Ring of Honor was forced to strip Jay Briscoe of his

championship.When Jay 100mg sildenafil citrate tablets Briscoe returned to action, he carried with him a championship belt which he declared was the “real” ROH World Title – the title that Jay says still belongs to him!

Man up this summer with Jay Briscoe and his awesome new singles playing card celebrating his reign as the “Real” ROH World Champion! Will he return to the top in YOUR ROH cialis canada order fed?
ROH: Tradition of Honor is set for release on July 12 at GalactiCon in Jamestown, NY. The game starts mailing on July 15.
Keep watching for updates on pre-ordering! This will be incredible as Jay Briscoe sets his sights on the top spot!

COTG 2130: Monolith Makes His Move. But Why?

In a startling development, Monolith has announced he is joining forces with the AniMen in 2130.

For years Monolith has not commented on his AniMan heritage and he’s ignored and even feuded with fellow Andromedans.

What has caused Monolith to join forces with the AniMen? Who is the leader of the team, Monolith or Swarm…or someone else?

Which current team is their common enemy?

This is 2130 tidbit #1. There will be 5 more leading to the unveiling of the new game expansion, COTG 2130, on July 12 in Jamestown, NY. Games will start mailing on July 15.

Watch for info to pre-order. Coming next week: 2130 tidbit #2!


CotG: Breaking The 2130 Code

Oh geez, instead of saying NOTHING about the upcoming 2130 game edition I’m going to say NEXT TO NOTHING. It’s more tantalizing that way! A mystery lies at the heart of it. An event of epic proportions. Coming on the heels of BLACK DEATH that’s saying a lot. The 5 Clues begin on Monday, June 9 and every Monday after that until the Big Release on July 12 at GalactiCon. No card art. No clear giveaways. Just tantalizing tidbits that won’t even form a coherent story. If you can figure this one out, loyal promoter, then you are a true

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genius or even a mind reader. Sit back and enjoy. We’ve never done a sneak preview season like this before. I’m having a great time and I think you will too. TOM    

The Forever Hooligans to Start a New ROH Tradition!

ROH TRADITION runs deep with the next big reveal, the decorated duo of ALEX KOSLOV

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and ROCKY ROMERO, the FOREVER HOOLIGANS! The Forever Hooligans made their debut for Ring of Honor at the ROH 11th Anniversary Show, and quickly solidified themselves in ROH tag team tradition by winning the tag team titles! Now the Hooligans debut in the Ring of Honor Wrestling game and look to start a new tradition dominating your fed! Tradition of Honor is set for release on July 12 at GalactiCon in Jamestown, NY. The game starts mailing on July 15 and there’ll be some bonus features so keep watching!

The GALACTICON Season: The BEST Time of Year!

It’s the greatest time of year.

GalactiCon 2014 is coming on July 11-13 and there’s a lot of work getting there but what fun it is to do this kind of work!

There are no words for how awesome it is to have an event like The Great Galaxian Bash scheduled for July 11. This beats anything that’s ever happened at GalactiCon BY FAR! It’s an incredible dream come true for loyal promoters to see Champions of the Galaxy cialisotc-bestnorxpharma characters come to life in a wrestling ring, but what’s more incredible is the names of indie talent that are attached: Stevie mixing viagra and cialis Richards, Chuck Taylor, Alex Reynolds, Gavin Loudspeaker and more!

Add to that a Legends card on the same night featuring Marty Jannetty, Brutus Beefcake, and Doink the Clown. There’s also two members of Dark Menace Forces: Rocky Reynolds and Bennett Cole, to say nothing of the Dark Menace himself!

This historic event will be filmed for a DVD but being their live is the key. Fans will wear alien masks and partake in the drama of the first-ever live Champions of the Galaxy event!

Hey…and then there’s GalactiCon weekend! Wiggy will be attending along with Chuck Carter!

What about our awesome GalactiCon game releases? There’s a new Ring of Honor 6-Pack coming out featuring Christopher Daniels and more to be announced!

Then there’s the latest Champions of the Galaxy expansion, the most top-secret edition EVER released! What awesome secrets will it bring? You’ll find out on July 12 at GalactiCon! You don’t want to be at home perched on your mailbox waiting for it to come! IF YOU HAVEN’T MADE PLANS YET TO BE IN JAMESTOWN DO IT NOW!

I love putting the finishing touches on a new CotG game edition. Working with Darryl Banks is always a pleasure and creating new stories and cards is invigorating. I feel like BLACK DEATH ushered in a new glory era in the GWF over the counter cialis and it’ll continue in 2130. It WILL BE MEMORABLE, that’s a guarantee!

So special is 2130 that special packaging is required. It’ll cost me a little extra on my end but HEY— I’m doing this because I love it!

I’m cialis alcohol mix down to the proofreading stages and final editing so 2130 is coming along great.

I’m also excited about the release of my second book, “Shadows on the Road”. If you liked “The Dark Menace of the Universe” you’ll love “Shadows” too. It’s a book about pursuing the dream of a Champions of the Galaxy movie or TV show, but it’s also a road book ala Jack Kerouac. I think you’ll love hearing about the people I met on buyviagraonline-rxstore the road and the musings of the Dark Menace on solitary days and nights. There’s also a couple sections (or mini-chapters) about Stan Lee!

I’m thrilled by the release of “Shadows on the Road” because I am spreading my wings as a writer and artist. Or maybe just being more myself in what I write about. cialis for sale las vegas

If you haven’t seen the book trailer yet check it out! You can see it at my new web site and if you haven’t visited my new web site yet please do! It’s Please help spread the word about “Shadows on the Road” because this kind of writing means a lot to me. No caveats. A person doesn’t have to be a game fan or wrestling fan or Champions of the Galaxy fan to enjoy it. “Shadows” stands on its own.


The BEST time of year is here and the countdown is on to July 11. There are SO MANY people that have helped bring us to the point that I can’t name them all, but hearty thanks to Todd Joerchel, Jeff Gutherz, Gavin Loudspeaker, and promoter Randy Grey, for making The Great Galaxian Bash one of the biggest wrestling events of the year!

See you at GalactiCon!



ROH Tradition Starts with “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels!

Christoper Daniels wrestled in the main event of Ring of Honor’s first show, and this summer he returns to ROH and Filsinger Games

commemorates his homecoming with an awesome new playing card!

“FALLEN ANGEL” CHRISTOPHER DANIELS is the first reveal of the next Ring of Honor 6-pack – TRADITION OF HONOR! TRADITION will have incredible ROH legends, dominant champions of today, and future champions of tomorrow!

ROH “Tradition of Honor” featuring the Fallen Angel is a Godsend!

Wrestling Superstar Stevie Richards Joins the Cast of COTG LIVE EVENT!

We are happy to announce that former WWE, ECW and TNA superstar Stevie Richards will be joining the cast of the Champions of the Galaxy Live Event, portraying the role of the GWF founder Omega. We are thrilled to have him on board to play this critical role. How will he react to Thantos (Chuck Taylor) breaking the Galactic Code? Stevie will also be

joining the roster of Legends that will take part in the Legends of Wrestling Supercard that immediately follows the Champions of the Galaxy Live Event. A featured attraction of the Legends card is the return of the Barbershop Window with Brutus Beefcake with superstar guest Marty Jannetty. Who knows what crazy happenings will go on when these two Legends meet up again! Filsinger Games fans will also be pleased to hear that the Dark Menace himself will be making an appearance that evening! We do not know yet what his motivations for attending are, but as the manager of champions you can be sure he will be surrounded by gold. The two events together will be promoted as “The Great Galaxian Bash”, and fans can attend the event in person for as little as $7. The loudest fans in attendance will also receive free alien masks that will help set the Intergalactic mood. The event will take place at the Allen Park Ice Rink (200 Elizabeth Ave, Jamestown, NY) at 7:30, with autograph signing beginning at 6:00. You can prder tickets now online Here is the full lineup for the Great Galaxian Bash: Champions of the Galaxy: The Live Event will feature: Former WWE, ECW and TNA superstar STEVIE RICHARDS as the “Galactic Wrestling Federation Founder” Omega of Cetus Former CZW tag team champion Alex Reynolds, as the iconic wildman, the “Savage” Wolf DGUSA, PWG and Chikara headliner Chuck Taylor as “Evil GameMaster” Thantos EVOLVE and DGUSA favorite Orange Cassidy as “Galactic Hero” Star Warrior WPW Empire State champion Malta The Damager and UWE main eventer “Thrillseeker” Sage Strong will portray the team of the “Post-Apocalyptic Head-Bangers” Gladiators of Aethra, Brute and Massacre The modern day “Greek God,” Papadon and former CZW tag team champion John Silver are cast as “Ancient Time-Travelers” The Greek Gods, Proteus and Actagon Also starring; Archibald Peck, Jon Bolen, Bill Collier and Louden Noxious (of Chikara and Kaiju: Big Battel

fame) as the host! Legends of Wrestling Supercard presents: The return of the Barber Shop with BRUTUS “THE BARBER” BEEFCAKE and special guest MARTY JANNETTY. Plus; BCW champion Jon McChesney, Doink The Clown, Criminal Justice, Dark Menace and more! For more information on the Great Galaxian Bash or GalactiCon 25 happening all weekend, kep an eye on and

Archibald Peck Uses Time Travel to Arrive in New Chikara Pack!

Everybody’s favorite time-traveling marching band leader is the latest wrestler announced for

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the Ashes of Chikara game edition. Since his debut in 2011, Archibald Peck has forgone his evil-doing ways to win the hearts of the Chikarmy.

Peck infamously lost a Loser Leaves Town match in 2012 and wandered off to the mysterious land of Parts Unknown. Searching for answers about who shut down Chikara, Team 3.0 of Scott Parker and Shane Matthews found Archie and his gathering of clues about the truth behind the shutdown of Chikara. The trio traveled together back in time in

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a DeLorean to help the Chikara roster defeat the Flood faction at National Pro Wrestling Day!

Now Archibald Peck is ready to stand up as one of Chikara’s biggest heroes as Chikara faces the largest army of invaders it has ever met. Will Marchie Archie prevail? Or will the leader of the band get drowned by The Flood? Find out when you get the new Ashes of Chikara pack, which along with Chikara Wrecking Crew pack is now available to preorder. The new Chikara packs will be available at Chikara’s return show in Easton on May 25th.

Champions of the Galaxy 2130: The Big Mystery Cometh!

It’s a milestone of sorts.

The next big game edition for CotG will come with no sneak previews of card art and no major revelations announced in advance. That goes against tradition! Teasers have always been a hallmark of Filsinger Games!

Well, not this time. That’ll make it more special because it IS so out of the ordinary. But hey, why do things the same way all the time?

The 2130 expansion comes on the heels of the wildly successful BLACK DEATH story arc, we’re really on a roll! Plus there’s all kinds of awesome CotG developments like the amazing Live Event on July 11 and my continued efforts to pitch a CotG screenplay for movies or TV.

We’ll be busy enough at Filsinger Games that our fans will have plenty of sneak previews. For example we’re currently finishing a round of sneak previews for 2 CHIKARA packs coming on May 25 and then next month sneak previews for the upcoming RING OF HONOR expansion pack (coming on July 12).

And then there’s the deafening quiet of CotG 2130! A state secret.

What does it mean? What drama is about to unfold?

Do you like special packaging? You’ve got it for 2130!

Do you like big themes like BLACK DEATH? You’ve got it with 2130!

Do you like the unexpected? Need I say…you’ve got it with 2130!

Let’s have some fun—no teasers! Let your inner 8-year old go wild and you’ll burst at the seams when you get EVERYTHING at one time…when you hold 2130 in your hands…when your mind explodes with shock and awe!

This is different. This is fun!

Until Sur and Bex bring in the reserves…