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Contest! Win a Free ROH Game!

The folks over at ROHWorld have teamed up with Filsinger Games to offer a contest to win the upcoming Ring of Honor game!  Three winners will be picked at random for correctly answering the following question:

“What is the strongest move on Kevin Steen’s playing card in the upcoming Ring of Honor card game?”

The contest ends on Thursday at 11:00 pm EST so hurry and give it a try! Go here!


Watch Out! A Wildfire is Coming in Legends 12!

Hey brother! Former world heavyweight champion Tommy Rich joins the LWF roster in LEGENDS 12! Rich has battled a “who’s who” of the LWF roster, like Harley Race, Ted DiBiase, Bill Dundee, and Eddie Gilbert. Can Rich regain his past glories? With a pair of potent finishers like the WILDFIRE SLEEPER and the THESZ PRESS, don’t bet against him. Rich will debut in LEGENDS 12, which begins mailing on December 12 from Filsinger Games! Watch for info on how to pre-order coming soon!

My Favorite Comic Books of the Moment

Okay, time to go off-topic. As many of you know I am a huge comic book fan as well as wrestling fan. In the last “Brain” I talked about my Champions of the Galaxy federation. Now it’s time to let you know (as if you care!) what comic books I’m reading.

First, I’ve got to say I’m a “rankng” junkie. I love making lists. Every week I rank my top ten favorite books. This “Brain” is a snapshot in time; my ratings for the moment.  The list could be totally different a year from now. I’m not loyal to titles, I like change. I go with what intrigues me.

I’ve been a Marvel man all my life but DC’s “New 52” got me hooked because I like reading a title from the ground floor. As a result, DC dominates my list and another reason is the incredible “Before Watchmen” releases. I’m bummed these are limited run titles.

So here goes, my Top Ten for 12-20-12:

1. DR. MANHATTAN #3 – I can’t help it, I love metaphysics and philosophy! This title is incredible. Plus, Dr. Manhattan is all blue, aesthetically speaking I love the look.

I contacted writer J. Michael Straczynski (try spelling that without looking) to tell him how impressed I am with his handling of the book and he told me it gives him a chance to delve into interesting areas. No doubt! Everything from Schrodinger’s Cat to parallel universes…this is my kinda stuff! Dr. Manhattan has been #1 in my rankings since the first issue.

2. BATMAN #15  – Man, this “Death of the Family” stuff is intense! I love Greg Capullo’s artistic rendering of the Joker. I’m not normally a Batman comic book fan but this story arc is just fantastic. Batman debuted in my rankings with the “Death of the Family” story arc.

3. OZYMANDIAS #4 – Another Before Watchmen title; it’s great to see veteran Len Wein writing such a cool book. Ozzy’s personality is really cool (pun intended).

4. NITE OWL #3 – Great writing yet again by J. Michael S. The interaction between Twilight Lady and Nite Owl is a lot of fun. Plus there’s Rorschach!

5. MAR ATTACKS #6 – IDW Publishing jumps into the Top 5 on my list with another enjoyable issue of a martian attack on earth! This comic book even comes packaged with a facsimile trading card from the classic trading cards from the 1960s. What’s not to like about that??? This title has consistently been in the #9 and #10 spot and jumped forward this week.

6. DETECTIVE COMICS #15 – The “Death of the Family” story arc has drawn me in so I bought this book. The relationship between Clayface and Poison Ivy was neat. This is the first time Detective Comics has made my Top Ten.

7. GREEN LANTERN #15 – Initially I was disappointed to see Hal Jordan and Sinestro dropped from their top spots on this book, but the new direction is starting to grow on me. This used to be a Top 3 title for me then totally dropped off my list, but it’s coming back.

8. JUSTICE LEAGUE #15 – This one has been dropping also. The battle with Cheetah was boring to me, but the backup feature, Shazam, has been great. Also enjoying the emerging relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman. JL had been a Top 3 book for me but has been slipping lately.

9. FLASH #14 – This book won’t last long on my list, but I love Grodd (the ape villain) and the Rogues, and they’re all here! Even though I’m not a big fan of the Flash, I always thought he had one of the best villain rosters in comics. When they all band together, all the better!

10. MINUTEMEN #5 – This is my fourth Watchmen title in the Top 10 (3 out of the top 4 spots). Thought it was cool how Bluecoat and Scout were comic book heroes turned real in this issue.

Marvel is bubbling under the Top Ten. I picked up FF #2 (it’s okay) and Indestructible Hulk #2, but both weren’t strong enough to crack the Top Ten. We’ll see next week what the rankings will bring! Mollock is also close to breaking the Top Ten.

Thanks for reading and support your local comic book store!

Until Dr. Manhattan meets the Guardian…


Tom Filsinger Podcast Interview Provides Sneak Preview of Ring of Honor Game!

Game creator Tom Filsinger was recently interviewed by Des Delgadillo for the weekly news podcast at ROHWorld, a web site for fans of Ring of Honor.

Tom talked about the new Ring of Honor game including exclusive inside info about ROH game charts and a special match that will be included!

The interview is a half hour and includes other topics such as wrestling and comic books, the history of Filsinger Games, and the state of professional wrestling today. Tom also mentions the Synergy show he attended in Chicago last spring (this is where he was photographed with Kevin Steen).

You don’t want to miss the interview so here it is! Thanks to the gang at ROHWorld!

Updated Belt Records in my GWF Fed

I’ve been working on my all-time stats today: what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

As long-time game fans know I’ve been playing a Champions of the Galaxy federation continuously since 1988. That’s 860 fight cards and over 7,000 total matches!

I regularly report my fed results at the official message board but I haven’t posted my all-time leaders in a long time. Like I said I worked on my stats this afternoon and here’s my report first starting with my current champions:

GWF Heavyweight: HARBINGER (who is within 5 cards of my all-time record!)

Tag-Team: ULTRA MANTIS (UltraMantis Black and Mantis). It’s cool to see the Chikara wrestler make good in the future!

Interplanetary: BALAAL. This guy has been fantastic since he entered in 2127.

Now here are some all-time leaders:

Heavyweight Belt – Longest Title Reign: Monolith and Matador of M83 (tied with 43). Harbinger is currently at 39. What will Monolith have to say about it? Harbinger is tied with Thunder (39) followed by Chaos (31).

Tag Team – Longest Title Reign: TitanPower (Lord Nexus and Billy Jo Boxer) had the most exciting title reign of all time (54)!  They are followed by Brute and Massacre (53), Rebel Empire (50), Mercenaries (42), and Brute and Massacre again (39).

Interplanetary – Longest Title Reign: Vengeance entered the GWF with (ahem) a vengeance and held for 62 cards! The modern version of Thantos is next at 46 (and he wants it again!), Lance At-Last (39), Draconian Shiek (36), and Murdok (35). Balaal is currently at 26 and fighting to enter the hallowed list.

Who has had the most title reigns?

Heavyweight: Chaos, Star Warrior, and Wolf each held 4 times.

Tag-Team: Brute, Massacre, and Overkill each held 4 times.

Interplanetary: Many people are tied with 2.

Most Title Reigns including all belts: Star Warrior is tops with 7 (he won the tag belts with Thantos a couple times in addition to singles belts) and Thunder has a total of 5.

My ALL-TIME GREATEST CHAMPIONS are determined by a point system where a wrestler gets 3 points for holding the prestigious GWF Heavyweight Belt, then 2 points for the tag-team belts, and 1 point for the Interplanetary Belt. Adding it all together here are the ALL-TIME GREATEST CHAMPIONS:

1. Thunder (283)

2. Brute and Massacre (222) all as Gladiator tag team

3. Chaos (210)

4. Thantos (207)

5. Wolf (189)

6. Nefarus and Vendetta (180) all as Rebel Empire tag team

7. Billy Jo Boxer (175)

8. Lord Nexus (170) and Star Warrior (170)

9. Matador of M83 (166)

10. Monolith (153)

I’ve had a blast for nearly 25 years playing my CotG fed and I can’t wait to reach card #1,000. I figure that’ll be in three or four years.

So there it is. I hope YOUR fed is as exciting as mine, it’s what the game is all about!

Until Harbinger has the all-time longest title reign as Heavyweight Champion… (will it happen???)



Claudio Castagnoli is Set to Challenge the Legends!

International competitor Claudio Castagnoli is making a bold move by coming to LEGENDS 12. He’s already battled the best on the Legends of the Future and Chikara circuits (where he has two playing cards) and now he’s gunning for the top in the LEGENDS game! How will Claudio compete with the likes of Bryan Danielson and Giant Bernard, to say nothing of  Rob Van Dam and Harley Race? Can Claudio add LWF gold to his already impressive title history? Find out when LEGENDS 12 is released on December 12!

Pit Viper and the Executioner are Coming in December!

Lord Nexus is about to get a partner on the original Titan team and it’s none other than PIT VIPER!

PIT VIPER is one of six playing cards that will be released in the CotG ORIGINALS 6-PACK #3 coming on December 12. It’s the latest of the on-going re-release of all 24 playing cards in the first CotG game edition originally released in 1987!

The first six cards were released as “25th Anniversary Cards” and the second six as “CotG Originals Pack #2.” Now comes CotG ORIGINALS 6-PACK #3 and coming in July 2013 will be the final installment, “CotG Originals Pack #4.”

PIT VIPER will be joined by Massif, Killer Queen, Death Knight, Vanity, and the Executioner.

The original Champions of the Galaxy game edition is coming to full color and it’s a great event for loyal game fans! Watch for updates to pre-order CotG ORIGINALS 6-PACK #3!

The holidays are here…and so are the greatest games!

Our new web site is up and running and the timing is perfect! We’ve got incredible holiday game releases so strap in while I tell you about them!

First there’s the CHIKARA TECNICOS 6-Pack which is already available. The new set features DA SOUL TOUCHAZ and they’ll add some spice to your Chikara fed! The card art by Werner Mueck is some of the best he’s ever done.

Coming on Nov 29 is our BIG new release: the RING OF HONOR Intro Set featuring 26 wrestlers along with an awesome handbook which features bios along with special match stipulations that you’ll love! You won’t want to miss your chance to start an incredible Ring of Honor fed or even have a federation war pitting Ring of Honor vs Chikara!

I met Kevin Steen at Synergy (combined ROH and Chikara show) in Chicago last spring and he wrestled some great matches. Kevin is pictured along with me in the accompanying photo and we’re both psyched for the ROH game!

That’s not all! Coming Dec 12 will see the release of the CHAMPIONS OF THE GALAXY ORIGINALS 6-Pack #3 featuring game legends from the first edition like Massif, Killer Queen, and Vanity. The card art by Darryl Banks makes these remakes a must have!

To top it off will be LEGENDS 12, the latest installment in our Legends of Wrestling Game series. Several names have already been announced like BLACKJACK MULLIGAN and WARLORD! Check the Legends page at this web site for more signings. Not to be outdone, Legends artist Steve Stanley pulls off another stellar performance.

The end result of this plenitude of riches is to prepare your feds for more action and if you haven’t started playing our games yet what a great time to start! After 25 years of success Filsinger Games madness is growing more than ever!

Until Kevin Steen (ROH) battles Mike Quackenbush (Chikara) battles Rob Van Dam (Legends) in a Triple Threat Match…

Ring of Honor Game Ready to Pre-Order!

Wrestling’s most anticipated new game is ready to pre-order! The Ring of Honor Intro Set will begin mailing on Nov 29 and YOU can be among the FIRST to receive it by pre-ordering right away! Don’t hesitate, there will be high demand and we’ll be mailing out in the order that we receive pre-orders!

Go here to pre-order or go to our original online store by going here. You can order the intro set that comes with charts, dice, instructions, etc (everything you need to play) or if you already have our game charts and stuff you can just order the Ring of Honor Cards and Handbook. We aim to please!

We also posted the ROH handbook cover for you to see! Hope you love it as much as we do!

Get psyched: the time is nigh for you to start your very own ROH fed as the main booker! Start planning your first major events because it’s not far away!