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OLE! El Generico to Bring Brainbustaaah to ROH Game!

The ROH Wrestling Game, featuring a 26 card Introductory Box Set is due for release at the end of November, just in time for the holiday season, and EL GENERICO is crashing the party with BRAINBUSTAAAHHH!!! It’s a tough finisher to pull off, but when EL GENERICO hits it, it means lights out for his opponent! Will you book Kevin Steen vs. El Generico in a FIGHT WITHOUT HONOR MATCH? Get psyched, it’s coming soon!

Tom Talks About Black Death 2128!

Here’s the next in our series of videos where Tom talks about a new Champions of the Galaxy release. This time it’s BLACK DEATH 2128 and Tom shares his insights about creating the new game as well as sharing previously unreleased card art by Darryl Banks!

This interview has a personal feel as Tom is filmed on the back deck of his home on a nice summer day. The video was produced by Paul Schermerhorn and Don Hill. Enjoy and get pysched—BLACK DEATH 2129 is coming in July!

Blackjack Mulligan Will “Claw” His Way to the Top in LEGENDS 12!

Blackjack Mulligan is coming to the LWF! Known for his devastating CLAWHOLD, this tough Texan is looking to take on the LWF’s best. He’s feuded with Andre the Giant, Kevin Sullivan, and the Masked Superstar in arenas across the country. Rumor has it he’s also donned a mask to team with some of his former foes to form an infamous hooded stable. You’ll determine the direction Mulligan takes when LEGENDS 12 is released in December from Filsinger Games!

LEGENDS 12 Will be Rated PG-13!


Coming to an arena near you, PG-13! The tag team of Wolfie D (card art above) and JC Ice will be arriving in LEGENDS 12. These wild brawlers are known for their unorthodox wrestling style, featuring a pair of tag team finishers. They have several connections to existing LWF stars like Bill Dundee. Can PG-13 brawl their way to the top of the LWF tag team rankings? You’ll find out when LEGENDS 12 is released in December!

Chikara Tecnicos 6-Pack is Ready to Order!

The latest Chikara expansion pack is ready to pre-order! Here comes the CHIKARA TECNICOS 6-Pack!

CHIKARA TECNICOS 6-Pack features DA SOUL TOUCHAZ including WILLIE “DA BOMB” RICHARDSON, MARSHE ROCKETT, and more! Orders will start shipping on Nov 8! Go here to order.

We also just released the online version of the Chikara Introductory Game! If you aren’t playing Chikara online NOW is the time to start! Go here to order!

TV Champ Adam Cole is Coming to ROH Game!


ROH TV Champion ADAM COLE is the next big name entered into the Ring of Honor Wrestling game! ADAM COLE has had a breakout year in 2012 and this rising star defends his TV Title this Saturday vs. Eddie Edwards at “GLORY BY HONOR XI: The Unbreakable Hope” live on IPPV!

ADAM COLE joins stars like the Briscoe Brothers, Kevin Steen, Jay Lethal, Homicide, Roderick Strong, Rhino, and more! The ROH Wrestling Game features 26 playing cards in the Introductory Box Set and is due for release at the end of November, just in time for the holiday season!

Warlord Aims to Topple the Road Warriors!


Another big man, WARLORD, is making his way to LEGENDS 12!

WARLORD held several tag titles in his career including a partnership with fellow legend Ivan Koloff. He also feuded with the likes of Nikolai Volkoff and the Road Warriors. Will WARLORD and Ivan Koloff renew their feud with Hawk and Animal? You’ll find out when LEGENDS 12 is released in December!

Giant Bernard to Challenge Other “Giants” of Wrestling in LEGENDS 12!


Look out Andre the Giant, King Kong Bundy, and One Man Gang—here comes a new big man to Legends, none other than GIANT BERNARD!

GIANT BERNARD is the first formal announcement for the upcoming LEGENDS 12 game edition due for release in December! He saw a lot of success in New Japan. Will it carry over to the LWF? In case you hate to wait that long for your wrestling game fix there’s the CHIKARA TECNICOS 6-Pack which starts mailing on November 10! And after that our headliner this year—the RING OF HONOR Intro Box Set at the end of November! Get psyched, there are great times ahead for wrestling game fans!

New Game Charts and Instruction Book are Here!

Well, they’re finally here: New game charts for ALL our games including Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling, Chikara, and all the rest! There are 8 basic charts including Ropes, Turnbuckle, Ring, Deathjump, Pin Saves, Interference, Feuds, and Choice Situations. The charts feature updated moves and are in color with a glossy finish including new Werner Mueck background art! We’re also releasing an updated Filsinger Games Instruction Book with general rules that apply to ALL our games! Don’t wait, order now!

New Ultramantis Black Death card is first CotG/Chikara crossover!

Did you think we’d ever run out of surprises? Nope!

CHIKARA’s very own ULTRAMANTIS BLACK makes his debut in the GWF with a cool Limited Edition card that can be purchased exclusively from the CHIKARA store! CHIKARA has 100 numbered copies so when they’re gone, they’re gone!

You’ll love adding ULTRAMANTIS BLACK to your BLACK DEATH 2128 fed! Will he join BLACK DEATH or fight them? It’s up to you! Use your imagination to add him for highest impact! And don’t wait to buy one (or better two or three!) ULTRAMANTIS BLACK Limited Edition cards because YOU KNOW the first 100 numbered cards will become Champions of the Galaxy collectibles in the years ahead!