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Chikara Tecnicos 6-Pack is Ready to Order!

The latest Chikara expansion pack is ready to pre-order! Here comes the CHIKARA TECNICOS 6-Pack!

CHIKARA TECNICOS 6-Pack features DA SOUL TOUCHAZ including WILLIE “DA BOMB” RICHARDSON, MARSHE ROCKETT, and more! Orders will start shipping on Nov 8! Go here to order.

We also just released the online version of the Chikara Introductory Game! If you aren’t playing Chikara online NOW is the time to start! Go here to order!

TV Champ Adam Cole is Coming to ROH Game!


ROH TV Champion ADAM COLE is the next big name entered into the Ring of Honor Wrestling game! ADAM COLE has had a breakout year in 2012 and this rising star defends his TV Title this Saturday vs. Eddie Edwards at “GLORY BY HONOR XI: The Unbreakable Hope” live on IPPV!

ADAM COLE joins stars like the Briscoe Brothers, Kevin Steen, Jay Lethal, Homicide, Roderick Strong, Rhino, and more! The ROH Wrestling Game features 26 playing cards in the Introductory Box Set and is due for release at the end of November, just in time for the holiday season!

Warlord Aims to Topple the Road Warriors!


Another big man, WARLORD, is making his way to LEGENDS 12!

WARLORD held several tag titles in his career including a partnership with fellow legend Ivan Koloff. He also feuded with the likes of Nikolai Volkoff and the Road Warriors. Will WARLORD and Ivan Koloff renew their feud with Hawk and Animal? You’ll find out when LEGENDS 12 is released in December!

Giant Bernard to Challenge Other “Giants” of Wrestling in LEGENDS 12!


Look out Andre the Giant, King Kong Bundy, and One Man Gang—here comes a new big man to Legends, none other than GIANT BERNARD!

GIANT BERNARD is the first formal announcement for the upcoming LEGENDS 12 game edition due for release in December! He saw a lot of success in New Japan. Will it carry over to the LWF? In case you hate to wait that long for your wrestling game fix there’s the CHIKARA TECNICOS 6-Pack which starts mailing on November 10! And after that our headliner this year—the RING OF HONOR Intro Box Set at the end of November! Get psyched, there are great times ahead for wrestling game fans!

New Game Charts and Instruction Book are Here!

Well, they’re finally here: New game charts for ALL our games including Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling, Chikara, and all the rest! There are 8 basic charts including Ropes, Turnbuckle, Ring, Deathjump, Pin Saves, Interference, Feuds, and Choice Situations. The charts feature updated moves and are in color with a glossy finish including new Werner Mueck background art! We’re also releasing an updated Filsinger Games Instruction Book with general rules that apply to ALL our games! Don’t wait, order now!

New Ultramantis Black Death card is first CotG/Chikara crossover!

Did you think we’d ever run out of surprises? Nope!

CHIKARA’s very own ULTRAMANTIS BLACK makes his debut in the GWF with a cool Limited Edition card that can be purchased exclusively from the CHIKARA store! CHIKARA has 100 numbered copies so when they’re gone, they’re gone!

You’ll love adding ULTRAMANTIS BLACK to your BLACK DEATH 2128 fed! Will he join BLACK DEATH or fight them? It’s up to you! Use your imagination to add him for highest impact! And don’t wait to buy one (or better two or three!) ULTRAMANTIS BLACK Limited Edition cards because YOU KNOW the first 100 numbered cards will become Champions of the Galaxy collectibles in the years ahead!


“The Three” Have Arrived!

SUR, GHENA, and BEX finally take physical form!







At last, the masterminds behind BLACK DEATH have arrived!

The epic BLACK DEATH saga takes a huge turn in 2128 when SUR, GHENA, and BEX finally take physical form, entering our dimension and the GWF! Wait till you hear their story! Will the combined power of the GWF be enough to stop the BLACK DEATH takeover? And that says nothing of the incredible debut of END OF DAYS whose playing card and sheer awesomeness will blow your mind!

BLACK DEATH 2128 is due for release at GALACTICON (see news stories below) in Jamestown on July 6, so if you’re coming hurry and pre-order! Otherwise orders begin mailing on July 11. The online version will be available on July 13. You can pre-order BLACK DEATH 2128 here!


Filsinger Games and Ring of Honor to Produce Wrestling Card Game!


It’s official! Ring of Honor and Filsinger Games have announced they’ll be teaming up to release an exciting Ring of Honor Wrestling Card Game. The 26 card Introductory Box Set is due for release in November, just in time for the holiday season. It’ll feature popular favorites from the ROH roster on full-color playing cards in a fast-paced, all-action card game! Ring of Honor is one of the most popular and recognized wrestling federations in the world.

Get psyched loyal promoters! Filsinger Games and ROH are on the move!

Filsinger Universe Plans for 2012!

I love how this blog, which started quietly and innocently as “Inside Tom’s Brain” in the 1990s, has evolved from being about Champions of the Galaxy to an ever-expanding universe of releases, from games to e-books, calendars, new games, and much more! So now’s the time to summarize the cool things coming in 2012!

I’ll skip the minor stuff and try to focus on highlights. First there’ll be cool new card releases at the Ring of Honor-Chikara combo show called Synergy on April 28 in Chicago. I’ll be going and I can’t wait to see our fans in person there!

Dark Menace Productions (my umbrella company for All Things Filsinger) will be releasing two e-books in May: Part 2 of the Champions of the Galaxy trilogy: Ultimate Betrayal. This story is the basis for a screenplay for a Champions of the Galaxy movie. We’ll also be releasing Ken LeSure’s “Cold Feat”, a science fiction/science fact novel of intrigue and adventure which is set in the early 1980s. Dark Menace Productions will be offering a package deal for both books so get your reading glasses on!

Next up is GalactiCon on July 6-8 in Jamestown, NY. It’ll be the usual awesome party including new game releases plus special guests Marty Gitlin (author of “The Great American Cereal Book”) and movie producer R. L. Johnson. More guests will be announced! Come party with us if you’re a loyal game fan or even if you’re not! We always have a blast and we love newcomers!

I’ll be traveling to Los Angeles, my second home, after GalactiCon. I may be attending the San Diego Comic Con on July 12-15, I’ve completed my professional registration but can’t plan for sure until later. I’ll do my usual cavorting around Hollywood meeting with folks in the TV and movie industry looking for a good vehicle for Champions of the Galaxy and my other properties.

With this being an election year we’ll be re-releasing Stan Lee’s Election Daze (from 2008, Stan’s hilarious book chronicling Barack Obama’s election year) all the way up to November. Stan loved writing the book and we’ll provide special discounts so you can laugh the current election away!

I’ve written another book based on my long cross-country sojourn to California last year and it’s an on-the-road book called “Tricksters and Travelers: The Dark Menace Goes West.” It’s a bit of departure from my first book, The Dark Menace of the Universe; a combination of casual observations across America, philosophical meanderings, and a mysterious spiritual quest. I’m planning for an October release and a gala release party at the Jamestown Arts Council, more on which later.

There’ll be plenty of game releases coming in December for the holidays, including new releases for Legends of Wrestling Card Game and Chikara Wrestling Game. I’m also looking at a special Classics release for Champions of the Galaxy, haven’t done that in a while!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! There’s all kinds of cool stuff going on behind the scenes, potential partnerships, new directions for growth, etc. Will anything bear fruit? Who knows but it’s fun trying! And if something happens you’ll be the first to know!

Until tricksters become travelers…

Incredible Filsinger Games Staff and Fans Keep Making Us Better!

The time is now to wax romantic about the heart and soul of Filsinger Games—Our great production teams and our sensational fans.

No kidding, our staff and our fans are absolutely hands-down without a doubt THE BEST in the game industry and I’ll go further and say ANY industry!

Okay, it’s time to get to particulars and I’ll start with our flagship game, Champions of the Galaxy. Who could ask for a better artist than Darryl Banks? I’ve worked with other fantastic artists over the years but Darryl has done a perfect job of capturing the current era and especially BLACK DEATH. Just look at BLACK DEATH 2127, is there anything less that awesome there? The answer is no. And Darryl is easy to work with: energetic, reliable, just a great guy. Add to that the beautiful colors by Werner Mueck and it’s easy to see why Champions of the Galaxy is entering a new era of greatness and I won’t rest on my laurels. I want MORE for Champions of the Galaxy! The concept deserves it.

Onward to Legends of Wrestling which features an incredible team consisting of Tim Dalton, Chad and Cory Olson, and Stu Lowry. These guys have ensured that the Legends brand is a QUALITY brand; the wrestler stats are written after a significant amount of research and discussion by Cory, Chad, and Tim. These guys know their wrestling history! Add to that the effort put in by Stu Lowry to write the handbook and the final result is a truly enjoyable game that is a homage to the history of professional wrestling…which means a lot to me. I want Legends of Wrestling to be the greatest game EVER created that pays tribute to the classic past.

Legends also boasts a fantastic regular artist and that’s none other than Steve Stanley. I met Steve at a game convention years ago and what a find! His art keeps getting better and better every game edition including our latest LEGENDS 11!

I must also acknowledge our many loyal Legends fans that help us with wrestler signings. They scour the countryside, attending wrestling conventions, live wrestling events, even going so far as to contact wrestlers and their families! Our great Legends roster (as well as Legends of the Future) is due in large part to this incredible grass roots fan effort! Everyone take a bow.

As if Champions and Legends aren’t enough we’ve added a new brand: CHIKARA! It’s been an honor and a pleasure to work with Mike Quackenbush; a better partner is not possible. CHIKARA game fans can thank Rob Beaubien for his pioneering efforts to arrange a deal with CHIKARA and Rob writes the game cards. It was a blast to go to CHIKARA events with Rob and other loyal promoters to pitch our games! And what about that great art and coloring by Werner Mueck which makes the CHIKARA cards look as unique and exciting as the federation itself!

Let’s move on there’s still more! Our online games have been growing and improving the past few years and the man behind this growth is none than Osk himself- Kris Osk! First we offered Champions of the Galaxy as an online game followed by Legends of Wrestling, and now we’re offering exclusives like PDF offers and more! Kris has worked with Larry Swank to bring our fans upgrades such as the ability to play against each other online and there’s more coming in 2012!

I will undoubtedly be a forgetful Mutant and leave somebody out but there are more incredible team members: John Krause organizes The Promoter online newsletter and I used to love reading his pro-Champions of the Galaxy articles when he was a college student; Todd Joerchel and others are helping run the official Message Board which keeps growing every day and is a great showcase of our vibrant fan community; Grant Baciocco has organized several game conventions in California and spreads the word on the Internet about our games. He also encourages the nonsensical humor that I love to sprinkle in to the Champions of the Galaxy handbooks…blame him! And on and on with our team members…

When it comes right down to it EVERYBODY that plays our games is part of the team! There are many many contributions both large and small but all adding to our continued growth and HEY after 25 years that’s pretty impressive isn’t it? We must be doing something right. Little things like contributing comments on the Message Board and creating a fan page on Facebook or opening a fan Twitter account…it ALL SPREADS THE WORD that Filsinger Games madness is taking over and the secrets to creativity and fun are right here to behold!

And so THANK YOU to everybody! As your leader in this madness I can say with confidence that this high-powered Filsinger Games runaway spaceship is cruising at light-speed and 2012 will be our best year ever! Tell everyone you know: if they want to have a great time we’ve cornered the market!

Until there’s a reality show about our fantastic game community…