Beauty and the Beast Want You as a Guest in Freelance Wrestling!

The  latest team announced for the Freelance Wrestling game is one of the more unique teams in wrestling today. They are the reigning Freelance Tag Team Champions, Beauty and the Beast, Stevie Fierce and Rob Matter!

Stevie Fierce is the Beauty half, and is a self-obsessed narcissist. He believes that he is the most beautiful human to ever walk on the face of the earth, and with his trusty mirror and arsenal of high-flying moves looks to rid the world of ugliness.

Rob Matter is the Beast half of the tag team.  Despite his small stature, Rob Matter believes his is the biggest and baddest man there is in Freelance Wrestling.  He provides the muscle to the team, and his move set is more tailored to someone twice his size, but don’t tell him that!

Beauty  and the Beast shocked Freelance Wrestling fans when they won the the Tag Team titles.  Will they be able to do the same in your promotion?  The Freelance Wrestling game will debut at their March 11th event from Chicago and will be sent to game fans soon after.  Preorders for the game begins on February 29!