BLACK DEATH 2129 is Coming!

BLACK DEATH 2129 is on the way (July 13 to be exact) and it’s sneak peek season again!

This will be the 43rd expansion in the history of Champions of the Galaxy. Isn’t that amazing! Thanks to our long-time fans and fantastic new ones for keeping this galactic saga alive.

I guess I’m not risk averse, I’m starting the teaser season with a mystery man and not a “Wow, awesome, look at him!” fighting specimen. That’s the ticket in 2129 and beyond: lots of mystery, lots of fantastic characters and daring story lines.

The epic BLACK DEATH story reaches a crescendo in 2129 as BLACK DEATH suffers its greatest setbacks but also attains its greatest success! What could possibly top End of Days? Will the scientists at Ground Zero up the ante? The answer will shock you!

There’s more and these tidbits will give promoters something to bite on as we move along:

An all-time legend returns to the GWF in 2129. The galaxy rejoices. Who is he?

A member of the Legends team decides to make his own remake! He moves off in a new direction to the chagrin of Hector and the rest of his team. Who is it?

The word “legend” seems to be the operative word at the moment. To balance it out the Legends team gets a new member, another famous persona from the past. Who will it be? A clue: it’s in the mold of Bishop Hell.

There are casualties all over the place on the battlefield. At least six GWF stars suffer serious afflictions in 2129 including possible career-ending injuries. Who are they?

Skiver enters the GWF to team up with Patch. But why does that signal the end of Fight Club?

Get psyched, the ride to BLACK DEATH 2129 STARTS NOW!

Until Bishop Hell smiles…