BLACK DEATH 2129 Starts With a Mystery: Who is This Man?

Let’s have some fun! The teaser season starts now for BLACK DEATH 2129 and here’s a mystery: Who is this unusual man? The answer may surprise you but if you’re up to date with BLACK DEATH you’ll probably figure it out…the clues are there! We’ll tell you this for sure: he’s a wrestler, not a manager. What is he up to? What is his purpose in the GWF? One thing you’ll discover in 2129, things aren’t always what they appear to be! Our next sneak peek will present another mystery so get your sleuthing skills in order! Our latest expansion will be released on July 13 at GalactiCon and begins mailing to the rest of the galaxy on July 16. Keep watching for more sneak peeks for BLACK DEATH 2129. Will it be the end of BLACK DEATH or the beginning of a shocking new era in GWF

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