Blackjack Mulligan Is Coming

Blackjack Mulligan is one of the most intimidating wrestlers to step foot in the ring.  Standing at an imposing 6 foot 9 inches and weighing well in excess of 300 pounds, Blackjack Mulligan was one of the largest wrestlers of his era.  He spent most of his career as a heel.  Mulligan was equally accomplished in tag team and singles matches, winning titles across the United States and even in Japan.  He engaged in violent brawls with Bruiser Brody and was noted for winning multiple Brass Knuckles titles.  Perhaps most memorably, Blackjack Mulligan fought the Masked Superstar in a series of 60 and 90 minute cage matches that are still thought to be among the greatest series of matches of all time.

Blackjack Mulligan is part of Legends:  Expansion Pack II along with Ivan Koloff, Johnny Valentine and the Masked Superstar.   This 10-card set will be available for preorder on 4/2 with a Special Edition Card and EVOLVE 5.  All games are scheduled to begin mailing on April 16th


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