Brothers In Arms Called to Kronos From the 3000 Era!

Meet the latest and greatest Kronos faction – Brothers In Arms! How did this incredible partnership between Milky Way Galaxy and Swarm come to pass? Learn the secret story of SWARM traveling to the future to wrestle in the 3000 era! Who helped him get there?
Swarm continues his legendary career on Kronos, bringing the pain with an offensive arsenal featuring the most controversial new finisher on Kronos – the SWARM! Look out!

ACTAGON is the leader of Brothers in Arms and and the most experienced fighter on Kronos.

He is the ultimate galactic warrior – combining traditional Greek war tactics with futuristic battle moves. Wait until you learn about the phenomenal new trios finisher – PHALANX ATTACK!

Finally reintroduce yourself to RUNE LARRS!
In a parallel universe not too distant from our own, Rune Larrs has ascended to High Chief of the Iapetus Tribe on Saturn. He is a fierce warrior and loyal ally to the hero team.
Refusing to be left out of the hype, Rune Larrs unleashes the most dangerous new tag finisher to his enemies on Kronos – MEGA DRIVE CLUSTER! The finisher rating is dependent on how well Rune softens up the opponent with Cluster Takedown! Get those dice warned up and ready to fire. Brothers In Arms are locked and loaded for war!
These 3 cards are the Q4 cards for Champions of the Galaxy Prime 2018.  Order the entire 2018 COTG Prime set HERE.