Brute and Massacre Usher in COTG LIVE EVENT Game!

It’s historic and it’s coming soon! It’s the COTG LIVE EVENT game!

On July 11th in Jamestown, NY the Champions of the

Galaxy universe took a new step forward when the first ever COTG LIVE EVENT was put on featuring the iconic characters from the game. The video of the event will be available shortly from Smart Mark Video.

To commemorate this event Filsinger Games is releasing a special game edition featuring all the characters from the show as portrayed by the wrestlers who played these parts! Is that cool or what —science fiction meets the real world of wrestling! The looks of the characters and the move sets will be consistent with what happened at the COTG LIVE EVENT show. The game edition will feature 10 cards plus handbook!

The first duo in the game is the iconic tag team, the Gladiators of Aethra, Brute and Massacre! The roles of the intergalactic headbangers were brilliantly portrayed by Malta the Damager (Brute) and Sage Strong (Massacre). Malta and Sage did a fantastic job bringing these characters to life, and we are thrilled to immortalize their efforts in these game cards!

The COTG LIVE EVENT game edition will be available in early October, keep watching for a release date and pre-order info! We’ll be releasing sneak preview card art every week throughout September!