Golden Age of Wrestling is Highlighted in Legends of Wrestling!

The Legends of Wrestling color starter set will be released this December and will feature some of the most influential wrestlers from different eras in the history of pro wrestling.  Many feel that wrestling’s golden age was in the hey day of the wrestling territories in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  During this time period there were no bigger names than Lou Thesz and Buddy Rogers.

Both major champions throughout the country as well as fierce rivals with each other, Thesz and Rogers helped to grow professional wrestling into the phenomena it is today. Lou Thesz popularized many of the moves that are still in use today and helped train some of the top wrestlers in the world that have helped extend his legacy.  Buddy Rogers was an accomplished technical wrestler, but is best known for bringing the flamboyant style of promos to wrestling that earned him the moniker “The Nature Boy”.

Fans will love to reignite this classic wrestling feud when the Legends of Wrestling color starter set is released in mid-December.  Preorder will be available on Black Friday November 25!

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