Bug Buster and Tennis Pro are Ready to Jerk the Curtain in 80’s Mania Part II!


You might have already heard that the big cat MIGHTY LEO and dastardly SKULLGORE will be included in the upcoming 8MW expansion edition.

Now how about a couple of curtain jerkers to round things out?

First up is the most agitated athlete in all of sports…TENNIS PRO! He may take a beating in most fights but nobody argues with the ref or screams at the crowd quite like the Pro. Come to think of it, no one smashes a tennis racket (sometimes over an opponent’s head) quite like him either!

And then there’s New York City’s favorite exterminator…BUG BUSTER! Maybe he’s not the most intimidating wrestler, but he certainly strikes fear into the tiny hearts of insects everywhere! Not to mention, the crowd simply loves the guy! Must be the gimmick.

So that’s four names down with four more still to go! Get your retro-tastic 80s Mania feds revved up and ready because the 80s MANIA WRESTLING 8-pack PART II is coming in April!

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