Centra Sports Network Breaking News

Centra Sports Network is interrupting its regular reporting to update CWF fans on the status of certain venues and upcoming PPV events.

While it has been widely reported that seismic activity on Primus has returned to levels, CWF Commission Lance At-Las has announced that effective immediately, the CWF will resume events on Primus.  “Now that the safety of our competitors is assured, the CWF is pleased to announce our return to Primus.  We look forward to performing in front of another loyal group of fans.  We also believe that all fans will be thrilled to see the unpredictable Primus Lava matches return!”

Scientists have also returned to the outpost on Antilla due to decreased radioactivity over the last six months.  When asked about a potential CWF return to Antilla, Lance At-Las sounded less certain.  “I know that our fans would love a return to Antilla- particularly to see the signature Ruins of Antilla match.  However, I must balance that with the health and well being of our wrestlers.  We’re listening to all of the top experts and will not return until we are more comfortable with the conditions on the ground.”

Despite Lance At-Las’ refusal to commit to a return to Antilla, rumors continue to swirl that the CWF is in face making plans to do just that.  One CWF insider who spoke off the record insisted that it would happen before the end of 2116.  Another was not as optimistic, but admitted that an end-of-year PPV on Antilla was a “best case scenario” and was being discussed at the top levels of the federation.  Centra Sports Network will continue to monitor the situation and report any updates to our viewers.

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