“Champions Of The Galaxy” Movie Screenplay in Development

NEWS RELEASE Filsinger Games main property, Champions of the Galaxy, is being developed as a movie screenplay with the goal of bringing the exciting game series to the

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big screen. Creator Tom Filsinger is working with scriptwriter Mark Litton on the screenplay. Litton, who is the writer for series such as “Power Rangers,” “V.R. Troopers” and “TRON: Uprising,” is currently developing a Champions Of The Galaxy screenplay to be completed in January 2014. “It’s a really good property that I naturally gravitated toward,” Litton said. “I’ve always had an interest in science fiction and action, and ‘Power Rangers’ and ‘V.R. Troopers’ have many of the same elements that I see in Tom’s script. Although Tom’s version is certainly aimed at a higher level, it’s family friendly and suited for a variety of audiences.” Upon completion of the screenplay, the ultimate goal is to bring “Champions Of The Galaxy” to the big screen, and possibly to television as well. According to Filsinger, the novelization of Champions of the Galaxy was the result of the effort to take concepts from the ongoing game series to develop a story for a movie. “Instead of focusing on a bunch of game characters I focused on three main people: Star Warrior, SuperNova and Thantos,” Filsinger said. “My goal was to write a compelling origin story and action-packed adventure about how these characters got their super powers, how they handle them and the conflicts they face as a result. Each of the three main characters will have their own specific journey in this movie.” Although Star Warrior, SuperNova and Thantos take on the lead roles, other characters will also make appearances, such as fan-favorite Wolf. His appearance will serve as far more than just a cameo though, said Filsinger. “He does play a greater role, but it’s secondary to the three main characters. Ideally Wolf would be featured in a second or third movie.” The goal of the moment may be to complete a screenplay for the first live-action movie, but images of a trilogy dance playfully in their minds. Television is also not out of the question, as well as a cartoon. “At this point I think that’s further down the line, but it is certainly an option that I would love exploring,” Litton said. “There is a quite a bit of science fiction on television, and when it hits it does very well. The truth of the matter is that Tom has created a very rich universe for these characters that could really be explored properly in a television setting.” “As far as television goes it could be live-action or a cartoon series,” Filsinger added. “One of the producers I met during my visits to Los Angeles was looking into this as a cartoon, and she will certainly see the screenplay.” For more on this story go to Jamestown Post-Journal.