“Champions of the Galaxy: The Live Event” is Coming with Your Support!

It’s finally here, the dream of a lifetime for CotG fans! On Friday, July 11 we are planning to put on a live wrestling show featuring characters from the original Champions of the Galaxy game. For the first time ever characters such as Star Warrior, Thantos and Wolf will come to life! The first participant announced is CZW tag team champion Alex Reynolds, who will be playing the part of GWF icon Wolf. More names will be announced in the weeks ahead. CotG: The Live Event will kick off GalactiCon 2014, the big 25th anniversary con. You’ll want to be there live for this historic event but fans who can’t join us in Jamestown won’t miss out, as the event will be recorded in a special video release. There will also be a documentary that is produced that will cover not only the history of the game, but the making of the event. Additionally, a special game edition will be created featuring all of the characters from the event, as portrayed by the wrestlers in the show. In order to fund the production of this event, event organizers Jeff Gutherz and Todd Joerchel have launched a kickstarter campaign to cover the costs of costume design, wrestling talent, video production and other costs. We encourage you to visit the campaign page to learn more about the event, find out the great rewards you get for contributing to the campaign and help bring the Champions of the Galaxy universe to life! This project can only take place if we get help from others. Go here for kickstarter campaign page and contribute early to help us build momentum.