Chuck Taylor Graces Evolve Game as the Kentucky Gentleman!

The newest wrestler set to appear in the EVOLVE game is the Kentucky Gentleman himself, Chuck Taylor!

Although Chuck fancies himself a gentlemen, his actions in the ring are far from it, as he is known to disrespect his opponent, officials, fans and anyone else for that matter. Despite the attitude, Taylor does have the skills in the ring, and once even had the best record of all wrestlers in EVOLVE.

Early in his EVOLVE tenure, Taylor teamed with Johnny Gargano and Rich Swann, but forsook that partnership, when his partners began to have more success than him. For now he is content leading a group of like-minded individuals appropriately named The Gentleman’s Club. Will Chuck Taylor look to capture gold in your EVOLVE fed, or just capture the ire of his opponents?

The EVOLVE game is getting closer! It starts mailing on April 9. Watch for information on how to pre-order! It’s gonna be classic!