Cosmic Woman Brings New Mysteries to Sudden Death 2135

What are the secrets of Cosmic Woman? And what if even she doesn’t know the answers?

What isn’t a secret is how Cosmic Woman will shake the women’s ranks in the GWF like they’ve never been shaken before! Her finisher, VORTEX UNLEASHED, will have them running for the hills (or stars, or whatever!). Can anyone, including Lady Godsend, Elina, or Sinful, stop her?

Cosmic Woman will be joining forces with a new team called the Crime Stoppers. But why is this group coming to the GWF? What is their incredible story?

The amazing Crime Stoppers card art (by the venerable Darryl Banks with colors by wondrous Werner Mueck) will be six interlocking cards that form an image that tells a fantastic and far-reaching tale. What can it be?

The answers (some of them anyway) are coming shortly in SUDDEN DEATH 2135, the latest installment in the maxi-drama that is “A Universe Shattered.” Champions of the Galaxy is soaring to new heights of glory!

Order now and don’t forget the collectible alternate handbook cover featuring a worn and well-read version of vintage classic Crime Stoppers comics #1. What does this old, worn comic book have to do with the GWF? The answers will startle you!

The game will be released at Midnight Friday July 12th at GalactiCon.  For those unable to attend the convention a special digital PDF copy will be available Saturday morning in the store to purchase.