CotG: Breaking The 2130 Code

Oh geez, instead of saying NOTHING about the upcoming 2130 game edition I’m going to say NEXT TO NOTHING. It’s more tantalizing that way! A mystery lies at the heart of it. An event of epic proportions. Coming on the heels of BLACK DEATH that’s saying a lot. The 5 Clues begin on Monday, June 9 and every Monday after that until the Big Release on July 12 at GalactiCon. No card art. No clear giveaways. Just tantalizing tidbits that won’t even form a coherent story. If you can figure this one out, loyal promoter, then you are a true

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genius or even a mind reader. Sit back and enjoy. We’ve never done a sneak preview season like this before. I’m having a great time and I think you will too. TOM