Dalton Castle Will Bring Spectacle to Upcoming ROH Packs!

The “Peacock of Professional Wrestling” is here as part of the upcoming CELEBRATION OF HONOR game packs! According to Dalton Castle, he’s the most entertaining man in professional wrestling. Even when Castle isn’t in the ring, he’s still commanding the attention of his audience as the host of a drive-time radio show! But don’t let the glitz and antics fool you into thinking Dalton Castle isn’t a serious http://cialiscoupon-freetrialrx.com/ competitor. He is a skilled amateur and NCAA wrestler, whose accomplishments include a New York State Championship in Grecco Roman wrestling, a three time competitor on an NCAA All-State Team, and he’s even traveled internationally for the World Championships as part of Team USA. This fully rounded athlete arrives with a lot of well-deserved hype, and this summer Dalton Castle is ready to strut his way into your ROH game fed! Keep watching for more sneak previews as we celebrate Ring of Honor this summer with not one, but TWO game packs!

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