Dark Menace Has Some New Tricks Up His Sleeve in 2134!

The Dark Menace is up to his old tricks. Or are they new ones?

The upcoming KINGDOM COME 2134: UPRISING 4-pack will include new cards for MARAMUS and NIGHTMARE and now add the nefarious DARK MENACE to the list!

His work on genetic engineering is still going strong and now that he’s the manager of the AniMen he’s working on some new ways to help his wrestlers. But will Wolf be open to these ideas? Does Wolf trust the DARK MENACE? Or has the DARK MENACE turned over a new leaf now that he’s on the Hero Side? He’s a mysterious one, that DARK MENACE. He plays 5-D chess and is moving pieces around the board. Should Godsend be worried?

One guy that trusts the DARK MENACE is Monolith, so the DARK MENACE has the right man in his corner. How far will this team go?

Our special middle of the year KINGDOM COME 2134: UPRISING is coming this holiday! You don’t want to miss it!