Duke of Destruction Joins Evil Ones in COTG 30th Anniversary Pack!


Did you know there was a fourth member of the Evil Ones from the original game edition? Well, NOW YOU KNOW!

The Duke of Destruction was teamed up with Exo-King, Killer Queen, and Death Knight, but it didn’t turn out so great. Duke got into a power struggle for control of the team with Exo-King and this cost him his spot on the roster and gaming history.

But NOW the story can be told! Even though he only wrestled a few matches in the GWF, you can now own the official game card for the Duke of Destruction! He’s a good singles wrestler as well as a good tag wrestler. He might have gone far in the GWF if he had a better attitude and wasn’t on a power trip. His robotic hands and fingers give him a potent finisher, GRIP OF DOOM! What will happen in a match pitting Duke of Destruction against the original Exo-King for control of the Evil Ones? You can find out!

Duke will be packaged as a facsimile of a 1986 game card in glorious black and white and featuring card art by classic artist Chuck Carter. In fact we think you’ll agree, Duke of Destruction is CLASSIC CARTER! It’ll feel like 1986 when you get this card in the mail!

But Tom has more surprises up his creative sleeve with two more characters he has designed. There’s another Carter card in the 30th Anniversary pack as well as another Darryl Banks card!

The Champions of the Galaxy 30th Anniversary 6-pack is available to pre-order now!  Games will be available July 16th at GalactiCon in Philadelphia and will begin mailing to everyone on July 20th!  To pre-order the game edition click HERE.  GalactiCon attendees can pre-order the GalactiCon special package for a special price on the COTG 30th Anniversary 6-pack, ROH Best in the World 6-pack and convention fee by clicking HERE.

We are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Champions of the Galaxy in triumphant fashion this summer! And 2132 is coming in August!

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