Euritar Will Challenge Black Death as GWF Commissioner!

It’s been a while but here comes a GWF viagra 50mg street value commissioner card and it’s for current leader Euritar! Euritar, a cialis versus viagra former GWF superstar, entered the scene as commissioner just in time for the infamous BLACK DEATH era (2127 to present). His timing may have been bad but he’s been more than up to the challenge. “I have a job to do and I won’t be pushed around by anybody including Sur, Bex, and the whole Black Death team. That also includes the Gladiators and anyone else cutting corners.” The back of Euritar’s card includes his decisions on suspensions, title matches, and creating matches on-the-spot during a fight card. Euritar’s new game card will be released with the BLACK DEATH 6-pack which begins mailing on December 16 and can be pre-ordered (appropriately) on Black Friday (Nov 29). Watch for more sneak generic sildenafil previews in the weeks ahead!