Faller and Terror Bring FTR Feud to REGIME CHANGE 2132!

The popular giant FALLER and youthful braggart DISCIPLE OF TERROR have been feuding in the developmental wrestling promotion called FTR for several months in 2131. Now they’ll bring their feud to the GWF in REGIME CHANGE 2132!

It’s going to get wild because both men will be joining currently existing GWF teams. WHICH TEAMS WILL THEY JOIN???

More! Faller and Disciple of Terror will also be forming tag teams with partners who are established stars in the GWF. Faller will form not one but TWO occasional tag teams! Can you guess either (or both) of his partners? Disciple of Terror will also form an occasional tag team with WHO???

The suspense is building to unbearable levels as the greatest expansion in GWF history, REGIME CHANGE 2132, is right around the corner! Mailing begins in two weeks on August 29 and hopefully sooner! PRE-ORDER TO RECEIVE IT AS SOON AS IT’S OFF THE PRESSES!

Until then make sure you have the FTR expansion pack that was released in December, 2015. The pack includes 4 wrestlers that will be active in 2132 including Faller and Disciple of Terror!

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