Feel the Terror as New Cygnus Wrestler Enters FTR!

Here comes a familiar face…kind of. His name says it all. Disciple of Terror is a devout follower of Comrade Terror/Dreadnaught from Cygnus. Self-trained using the methods of Dreadnaught, Disciple walks around with a with a chip on his shoulder, an angry creature looking to put his star system back on the pro wrestling star map beginning in FTR! Disciple of Terror learned his move set studying the career of Comrade Terror, and then Dreadnaught. Cygnus Rising is a double running ax-handle, Dreadnaught Drop is an Atomic drop and Feel the Terror is a variation of Comrade Terror’s famous Terror Face Claw. His finisher, ATOMIC WARHEAD, is a tribute to his Cygnus idol, the same variation of a tombstone piledriver used by Comrade Terror. Disciple of Terror is the winning character created by Kevin Butcher in our FTR Create-A-Character contest! FTR: New Generation, begins mailing on December 14 and you can pre-order starting November 22. Look out FTR, the Terror is back!  

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