Tom and Chuck to Reunite in Upcoming COTG Anniversary Pack!

The original creative team is back!

Tom Filsinger and Chuck Carter will reunite to create new Champions of the Galaxy game characters for the first time in over 20 years!

“We just started working on one of the characters, Chuck was showing me the card art, and it felt like the old days all over again,” said Tom.

Two new game cards by Tom and Chuck will be included in the upcoming COTG 30th ANNIVERSAY pack. In keeping with the theme of the original game the cards will be in black and white. Tom explains:

“Look at it like two characters that didn’t make the cut for the original 24 cards. Same era. There will be back stories provided for both of them. What a blast to go back in time like this!”

If that’s not exciting enough, there will also be four new cards released by Tom and Darryl Banks!

“Some of the original characters evolved to be quite a bit different from my original ideas. What I’m doing with Darryl is going back to my original concept for four guys. Totally different image and art. It’s been a lot of fun working on this with Darryl!”

The four cards by Tom and Darryl will be color cards, making a total of 6 cards in the pack.

Get psyched! The COTG 30th ANNIVERSARY pack is coming this summer as well as COTG 2132! Watch for more news in the days ahead!

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