Filsinger Universe Plans for 2012!

I love how this blog, which started quietly and innocently as “Inside Tom’s Brain” in the 1990s, has evolved from being about Champions of the Galaxy to an ever-expanding universe of releases, from games to e-books, calendars, new games, and much more! So now’s the time to summarize the cool things coming in 2012!

I’ll skip the minor stuff and try to focus on highlights. First there’ll be cool new card releases at the Ring of Honor-Chikara combo show called Synergy on April 28 in Chicago. I’ll be going and I can’t wait to see our fans in person there!

Dark Menace Productions (my umbrella company for All Things Filsinger) will be releasing two e-books in May: Part 2 of the Champions of the Galaxy trilogy: Ultimate Betrayal. This story is the basis for a screenplay for a Champions of the Galaxy movie. We’ll also be releasing Ken LeSure’s “Cold Feat”, a science fiction/science fact novel of intrigue and adventure which is set in the early 1980s. Dark Menace Productions will be offering a package deal for both books so get your reading glasses on!

Next up is GalactiCon on July 6-8 in Jamestown, NY. It’ll be the usual awesome party including new game releases plus special guests Marty Gitlin (author of “The Great American Cereal Book”) and movie producer R. L. Johnson. More guests will be announced! Come party with us if you’re a loyal game fan or even if you’re not! We always have a blast and we love newcomers!

I’ll be traveling to Los Angeles, my second home, after GalactiCon. I may be attending the San Diego Comic Con on July 12-15, I’ve completed my professional registration but can’t plan for sure until later. I’ll do my usual cavorting around Hollywood meeting with folks in the TV and movie industry looking for a good vehicle for Champions of the Galaxy and my other properties.

With this being an election year we’ll be re-releasing Stan Lee’s Election Daze (from 2008, Stan’s hilarious book chronicling Barack Obama’s election year) all the way up to November. Stan loved writing the book and we’ll provide special discounts so you can laugh the current election away!

I’ve written another book based on my long cross-country sojourn to California last year and it’s an on-the-road book called “Tricksters and Travelers: The Dark Menace Goes West.” It’s a bit of departure from my first book, The Dark Menace of the Universe; a combination of casual observations across America, philosophical meanderings, and a mysterious spiritual quest. I’m planning for an October release and a gala release party at the Jamestown Arts Council, more on which later.

There’ll be plenty of game releases coming in December for the holidays, including new releases for Legends of Wrestling Card Game and Chikara Wrestling Game. I’m also looking at a special Classics release for Champions of the Galaxy, haven’t done that in a while!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! There’s all kinds of cool stuff going on behind the scenes, potential partnerships, new directions for growth, etc. Will anything bear fruit? Who knows but it’s fun trying! And if something happens you’ll be the first to know!

Until tricksters become travelers…