Filsinger Wrestling Games presents the “BEAT THE BUG” SHOWDOWN!

Congratulations! You have been cordially invited to The Indoor Wrestling Game Event of the Year!

The staff at Filsinger Games is doing their part to help the greatest community in the galaxy by staying safe indoors and having fun at the same time! Here’s how it works:

We have put together five fun-filled tournaments for you to play at home starting soon and right through the big weekend of April 3-6! We’ve got a big Legends of the Past showdown! Also a tournament featuring some of the most popular Indy wrestlers in the business today! A galactic gala from the GWF in the early years as well as the current year in 2135! If that’s enough, be the first to play Future Shock 2116 with a fantastic Centra showdown! There’s something for everybody!

And everybody is invited to participate in as many of the events as they like! Play one, or play all five! It’s up to you, promoter! When your tournament winner(s) are crowned, record your vote(s) on our social media polls. When the polls close, votes will be tallied and ultimate winners in each tournament will be announced! Be sure to post your results at the Message Board so we can all read about the great action!

Stay safe! Stat indoors playing all of your favorite Filsinger Games cards and BEAT THE BUG! Filsinger Games takes the lead on social responsibility and ways to promote fun among our fans and hopefully new ones! Tell all the wrestling and game fans you know that you’re having a blast and invite them to get a Starter Set and do the same thing!

Check out our Twitter, Facebook and Message Board for all five tournaments and polling soon!