Get Ready to be Shocked by the Newest Chapter in Champions of the Galaxy Lore!

Whatever happened after Magnus Colby and the Future Shock wrestlers were banished from our timeline by the UFSP at Sly Drury’s behest?  In the Epilogue of REGIME CHANGE 2132 it appeared that their ship made it to the Centra system but was hit by a missile.  What happened to the Future Shock wrestlers after the explosion? Find out what happens this spring when our newest Champions of the Galaxy supplementary set is released.

What is the CWF like in 2115?  Are there any familiar faces?  Will they welcome the Future Shock team or stand against them?  You’ll have answers to these questions this May when FUTURE SHOCK:  Centra Wrestling Federation 2115 is released.  The team of Werner Mueck and Mike Melesky are working together on their first COTG project together since Early Classics of the 2070s and 2080s fifteen years ago.  It’s a whole new chapter in Champions of the Galaxy lore that begins this spring!

Add to that the fact that SUDDEN DEATH 2135 is coming in July and this will be a BANNER YEAR for Champions of the Galaxy! And there’s more coming at the end of the year…

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