Gladiator Ascension Begins with Debut of PROBATION in Future Shock 2131

Did you expect the Gladiators to stand pat with a galaxy united against them?

Magnus Colby and his team sent “shock” waves through the GWF when Future Shock debuted in 2130,  and one of their main goals is to defeat the Gladiators. In 2131, the Aethran Overmaster is ready to fight back.

The Gladiator team suddenly disappeared from the GWF and returned to Aethra  at the end of 2130.  When they returned, it was clear changes had been made. The Overmaster has recruited some new blood…young fighting machines to battle their many enemies in the GWF.

The Aethran Overmaster is introducing the WINDs of War to the GWF. What does that mean?

One of the newcomers is PROBATION, a behemoth that has special motivation to succeed in the GWF. One of his finishers, DESPERATION MEASURES, is like nothing else in GWF history. Add to that NO SURRENDER and AETHRAN HONOR and you’ve got the makings of a new Gladiator legend!

But can he survive? Why is Probation a desperate man? You’ll be shocked at the answer.

Probation is one of 4 wrestlers in the GLADIATOR ASCENSION mini-pack, joining GWF UPHEAVAL (which was introduced last week). There’s still one mini-pack to go…

You can order FUTURE SHOCK 2131 by going here. Games are mailed in the order we receive them, so order now! The continuing saga of FUTURE SHOCK awaits you!

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