Holiday Explosion is Coming Next Month!

We’re on the move and this holiday will be one of our best ever! Ready to hear about our releases? Santa Wolf is preparing for a savage holiday! Here they are:

  1.  LEGENDS: Our first color Legends of Wrestling expansion set will feature 12 new playing cards and not only remakes of superstars that have previous black and white cards but some NEW SIGNINGS also! Keep watching this web site in the days ahead for sneak previews!
  2. RING OF HONOR: Our popular Ring of Honor series continues with an 8-card release featuring stars from one of the most popular wrestling promotions in the world! Watch for sneak previews of new characters and updates of popular ROH stars.
  3. CHAMPIONS OF THE GALAXY: Our second FTR game set will feature 8 cards including 4 fan contest winners and an exclusive new game card from Tom! You’ll have some enjoyable undercard (read: jobber) talent to include in your GWF fed along with the Natives and Faller! All this as we await the amazing 2134 game expansion coming in July 2018.

Pre-orders for Holiday Explosion begin on November 24, so prepare for the wonderment to begin! Games will start mailing on December 12, so your game-playing future looks bright!

Watch for sneak previews in the days ahead and prepare your home for Santa Wolf’s arrival in December. You know how he hates not having warm milk and bones for a snack…