Ida Mae Martinez Breaks Out of the Black and White Era and into the Latest Color Legends Set!

Ida Mae Martinez debuted in the early ‘50’s, and quickly established herself as a breakout star of the era. While her career was relatively brief, over after about a 10-year span, Martinez definitely made her mark in the grappling game. Agile and skilled, she delighted the fans whenever and wherever she competed.  She won the Women’s Championship of Mexico, proving she had what it took to be a singles champion. Martinez will look to take on her contemporaries and even test herself against some of the prominent women’s wrestlers of today.

Ida Mae Martinez joins Fabulous Moolah, Joyce Grable, Candi Divine, Susan Green and Beverly Shade in the Legends Ladies II 8-pack.  Preorders are now available for Legends Ladies Expansion II, Future Shock: Centra Wrestling Federation 2116 and Best of Mexico Indies set!  To preorder now CLICK HERE.  Preorders for all game editions will begin mailing by March 31st!

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