It’s Gonna Happen! Champions of the Galaxy Gets Real on July 11!

Thanks to all our fans and backers the

coolest event of all time is coming on July 11 and that’s the LIVE EVENT for Champions of the Galaxy. Wrestling’s longest running game will finally see live action! Special thanks to event organizers Jeff Gutherz and Todd Joerchel. It’ll be an awesome event and if that’s not incredible enough it’ll take place during GALACTICON 2014 weekend in Jamestown, New York. As if on perfect schedule it’s the 25th anniversary of GALACTICON so this is a major cosmic event. GALACTICON will also see the release of COTG 2130, the latest expansion in the ever-growing and long-running sci-fi wrestling epic that is Champions of the Galaxy. There will also be the exclusive release of a new Ring of Honor game expansion and much more. COTG LIVE EVENT will take place at Jamestown Railroad Station featuring stars such as Chuck Taylor, Alex Reynolds, and Orange Cassidy as Thantos, Wolf, and Star Warrior respectively. Plan NOW to attend and remember, the Future of Wrestling is Here, and it’s coming to Jamestown on July 11!