Ivan Koloff Brings His Reign of Terror to Color Legends

During the height of the Cold War, Ivan Koloff was one of the most notorious villains in wrestling history.  His tremendous strength and willingness to use any means necessary to win made him one of the most feared competitors of his era.  “The Russian Bear”  won singles, tag and even six-man tag team gold wherever he went.  He feuded with all of the biggest names over his thirty year career.  Will he resume his notable rivalries with the Road Warriors and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express?  Will he choose to associate with other Soviet stars like Nikolai Volkoff and Boris Zhukov?  It’s up to you, Promoter!

Ivan Koloff is part of Legends:  Expansion Pack II along with Johnny Valentine and the Masked Superstar.   This 10-card set will be available for preorder on 4/2 with a Special Edition Card and EVOLVE 5.  All games are scheduled to begin mailing on April 16th.

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