Jim Cornette is Out to Stir Up Trouble in Legends!

With the recent announcements of the Midnight Express and the Heavenly Bodies, it’s only natural that the manager that formed both duos would also be represented in Legends with a new color card.  Perhaps one of the greatest and most certainly one of the most disruptive managers in wrestling history, Cornette and his trusty tennis racket were a constant thorn in the sides of many baby face tag teams.  Who will Cornette manage in your Legends fed?  The Midnight Express?  The Heavenly Bodies?  Or perhaps a super stable with both teams!  Its up to you promoter!

Jim Cornette will be part of a special edition manager two pack that will be released the same time as the new Legends 12-pack.  Thats 14 awesome new Legends to add to your collection this holiday season!  Keep an eye out this week for the other name in this must have set.  Preorder for this new 12 card Legends of Wrestling expansion starts on Black Friday November 24th and shipping starts December 12th along with the latest expansions from Ring of Honor and Champions of the Galaxy.

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