Great Wrestling Heroes in Legends Color Starter Set!

Growing up as a professional wrestling fan all of us had our favorite heroes that we loved to cheer for.  The Legends of Wrestling Color Starter Set features some of the all-time most popular heroes of wrestling.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan was the All-American tough good guy.  Always carrying his trusty 2X4 along with the Stars and Stripes, Duggan helped fight off evil for the honor of his country.

Bobo Brazil was a major hero of the 1960’s-1970s and was a pioneer as an African American main eventer.  This giant of a man captured the hearts of many fans throughout the territories and also wrestled in the same era as Buddy Rogers.

Make sure to order the Legends Starter set and the Limited Edition cards now and get them as soon as they are available. Or order the whole 2016 Holiday Package which includes both of these plus the Ring of Honor Excellence 8-Pack and Special Edition cards for Champions of the Galaxy and save $4.  Our holiday releases ship on December 16th. It’s a LEGENDARY holiday. Best of times!

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