Legends of Wrestling Color Set is Super Flying Off the Shelves!

The Legends of Wrestling Color Starter Set has been a big hit with Filsinger Games fans and have already interested many players new to Legends of Wrestling.  This star-studded set is filled with of some of the biggest names in the history of professional wrestling and keeps getting better!

The newest name is the renowned high-flyer from Fiji, Superfly Jimmy Snuka!  He was most known for his devastating finisher, the Superfly Leap.  Snuka’s artwork depicts the iconic image of him perched on top of a steel cage about to deliver the devastating move to a hapless opponent!

This weekend on twitter we also showed off artwork for 2 former world champions, Randy “Macho Man” Savage and Rob Van Dam!  Keep an eye on social media throughout the next week as we will continue to show off more of the incredible artwork by the great Werner Mueck!

Make sure to order the Legends Starter set and the Limited Edition cards now and they will mail the next day. Or order the whole 2016 Holiday Package which includes both of these plus the Ring of Honor Excellence 8-Pack and Special Edition cards for Champions of the Galaxy and save $4.  Make your holiday season LEGENDARY!

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