Josh Briggs is the Newest Name in the Best of the Indies 2019

The newest wrestler in the Best of the Indies 2019 8-pack is one of the biggest on the indies today in terms of both reputation and size, its Josh Briggs!  Josh’s size can be intimidating, but don’t be surprised by his quickness in the ring as well.  Briggs is in his 3rd year of wrestling, starting in New England and making his name at Beyond Wrestling.  In 2018 he began wrestling for EVOLVE and has been dominating the competition and recently won the 1st match on the EVOLVE 10th anniversary show.  As a “Professional Disliker of People” Josh Briggs is not wrestling to make friends.  He is there to be the best, and with his abilities he is certain to be have a bright future.

Josh Briggs joins Robbie Eagles in the Best of the Indies 2019 8-Pack.  The set will debut in September alongside the Women of the Indies 2019 8-Pack which features 8 of the top female indie wrestlers in 2019.


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