JT Dunn Elbows His Way Into Beyond Wrestling Set

Attention indy wrestling fans: In February the premier independent wrestling promotion out of  New England will have its first Filsinger Games release.  Leading off that set is one of the men that helped put Beyond Wrestling on the map, “The Juice” JT Dunn!

JT Dunn has made his name throughout the indies as a tag wrestler, both in the Juicy Product with David Starr and Death by Elbow with Chris Hero.  In Beyond Wrestling he has also made his chops as a singles wrestler, even winning the prestigious Tournament for Tomorrow 2. “Pro Wrestling’s Savior” has not been on great terms with Beyond Wrestling management, quitting the company in August before returning recently for unsanctioned street fights.  Luckily for Filsinger Games fans the two sides have agreed to put aside any disputes to include Dunn in this game edition.

Be on the lookout over the course of the next few weeks for more of the names that will be included in this 8-card game pack!

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